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Smoke Detector Tester Poles

There are two tools that homeowners can use to properly maintain their home’s smoke detectors.

Smoke Detector Pole

A proper maintenance schedule is to test your smoke detector once a year to ensure that it is working properly. But this can be difficult for many households.

A great little tool to use is the Smoke Detector Pole. It can reach a detector up to 10 feet away.

Sdi SOLO 200 Smoke Detector Removal Tool

For seniors – maintaining and changing the battery of a battery powered smoke detector can be difficult – after all they are usually up on the ceiling or very high up on the wall.

Personally – I would recommend that senior households get or hire someone to come in every year to change the batteries in their smoke detectors. It’s the safest way.

But I do want to let you know that there is a tool called the SDi SOLO 200 which was created to remove the smoke detector from the ceiling in order to change it’s battery.

It can reach detectors up to 15 feet away.

NOTE: If your smoke detector is hard wired – this tool will not help!

Now, I also want to say that I have not tested this product – and there isn’t much information about it online so I can’t vouch for it at this time but it does look like it may be a useful product for those homeowners who want to change their battery powered smoke detectors themselves.

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