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Simple Touch C30004 Auto Shut Off Device

The Simple Touch C30004 is a very economical shut off device that can make any device that is plugged in a bit safer.

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Shut off devices for electrical items are a great way to help prevent an accident due to leaving the device on for too long.

This would be especially true if the home has senior citizens living in it and even more true if anyone living in the home also has a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

There are multiple uses for an auto shut off device like the Simple Touch C30004 throughout your home.

I am recommending to get the package shown here that comes with TWO Simple Touch products for the reason that you can use them for multiple devices.

Some example where this automatic shut off device would be most useful are…

  • crock pots
  • insta pots
  • irons
  • curling iron
  • toaster ovens
  • coffee makers
  • hot glue guns
  • heating pads
  • holiday lights

About The Simple Touch C30004

There are multiple auto shut off devices that you can purchase but the Simple Touch C30004 one is very inexpensive so it would fit almost anyone’s budget.

The features are:

  • It’s very easy to set up
  • No dials to try to figure out
  • Can be used with all plug in appliances and electrical devices
  • UL Safety Approved

If you want to keep your home a bit safer from a potential fire or if you have older relatives who are aging in place in their homes – this may be a wonderful gift for yourself or for them!

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