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Products To Help You Declutter and Organize Your Home

It’s one thing to say to yourself that you’re going to declutter your home (or your elderly parents’ home) but it’s another thing to actually do it. And one of the stumbling blocks is how to organize the stuff that you do want to keep.

After all, decluttering is not just about getting rid of things – it’s also about organizing what’s left.

So, here are some products that can help you do just that.

10 Great Products To Help You Declutter Your Home

These products below can help you to keep your home neat and organized and just generally make life easier and safer for you.

Filing Cabinets

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This particular filing cabinet is on wheels which can make it easy to roll it to wherever you need it to be to get and keep your important papers in order.

But make no mistake about it – there are many different types and sizes of filing cabinets that you can choose from.

Choose from the vendors below to see what they have to offer.

Storage Baskets

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Storage baskets come in a large variety of sizes and styles. You can get some with covers like the one shown here or some without covers. There are baskets that fold up and ones made of straw or plastic.

The variety seems endless and what you choose will just depend on what you will want to use it for.

Take a look at the different types of storage baskets offered by the vendors below.

Drawer Organizers

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A friend of mine gave these to me as a house warming gift when I moved into my new home after my husband passed away. It was the perfect gift because it helped me to get my new home organized and in order – which was just what I needed after such a traumatic event.

But make no mistake about it – there are many different kinds of drawer organizers that you can buy and use in your home.

Just take a look at the ones these vendors below provide.


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There are many different types of shelves that can be used almost anywhere. In the garage, the living area, the bathroom, bedrooms, etc.

I like these particular wall shelves shown here because they have a lip making it less likely that something would fall off the shelf.

But – you can again choose from a large variety of shelves to fit your needs from any of the vendors listed below.

Organizing Trays

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You can find organizing trays for just about everything. The one shown here can be used for makeup or art supplies. There are some for tools and office items and much more.

Just take a look at the many different types and styles and ways that you can use these inexpensive products to help make your home more organized.

Pantry Organizers

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I love pantry organizers! My pantry is really a closet and a fairly deep one so although it can store lots of items – it’s not easy to get to the ones that are in the back.

So, this stackable can rack organizer comes in handy!

Take a look at the different pantry organizers that these vendors listed below offer.

Underbed Storage

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If you or a senior loved one stores items under their bed, a great way to keep them more organized and cleaner is to use an underbed storage system.

The ones shown here are large capacity, they have handles making it easier to pull them out and have a zipper cover which can help to keep dust and pet hair off whatever you store in them.

Check out the different styles and sizes of underbed storage products by the vendors listed below.

Nightstand Organizers

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It seems as if we should be carrying less items these days but the truth is – we’re not. And the older we get – the more items we need.

So, a nightstand organizer is a great way to empty those pockets and put your items away in one spot. These days – many of these organizers have a spot for you to not only store your electronic device, but to recharge it as well.

Check out the different nightstand organizers from the vendors below.

Tool Organizers

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There are so many different types of tool organizers. Everything from wall kits like the one shown here to shelves and baskets to drawers for nails and screws and so much more.

Take a look at the very large variety of tool organizers from the vendors below to choose the ones that will work for you or a senior loved one.

Kitchen Sink Organizers

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I love kitchen sink organizers – it’s such a great way to keep everything you need right there – out of the way but yet so handy.

Here are the different types of kitchen sink organizers you can purchase from these vendors below.

All of these items, and many more can help you to keep your home decluttered and organized making it easier and safer for you and senior loved ones.

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