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Night-Lights For Elderly Adults

Night-lights are one of those great little products that are so easy to buy, install and use – for every home but especially for homes with elderly adults.

Why Do We Recommend Night Lights For Seniors?

Night-lights for seniors (and anyone really) is an inexpensive safety measure to help keep older adults safer. Lighted areas can help to prevent a fall or injuring oneself if they bump up against a piece of furniture, etc.

I would recommend to use a variety of night-lights throughout the house.

There really isn’t any excuse that I can think of NOT to use a night-light unless for some reason light hurts your eyes.

Best Night Lights For Elderly

There are several types of night-lights that can be used in homes with older adults and I would say that the first feature I would look for are the ones that turn on automatically in the dark.

This way – there’s one less thing that anyone has to do (to remember to turn the night-lights on).

So here’s our list of the best night-lights for households with elderly adults.

Wall Plate Night-Lights

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I LOVE these night-lights. You simply replace your regular wall plates with them which is certainly very easy. They come with an automatic on/off sensor so when the room gets dark – the LED light turns on!

There are no batteries to worry about.

I would recommend to put them throughout the home – wherever wall plates are exposed and could possibly shed some light onto the floor.

But if there’s an area that you may need more light than just on the floor – than these would not do the trick in that specific space.

Extra Bright Night-Lights

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If you are looking for a brighter night-light then this Ultrabrite LED Light Bar may be just the one for you.

It also has a Dust-to-Dawn sensor and you can turn if off if you wish (but again, I would recommend to use that feature).

This night-light provides 100 lumens of bright white light which is very bright.

It’s a great option for areas in the home that you want lit up or if you or your senior loved one has low vision problems and needs extra light.

Motion Sensor Night-Lights

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What if you don’t want the night-light to be on all throughout the night? In those areas you can use motion sensor lights like these from Vintar.

These are dimmable plug in night-lights that give you the option of choosing to manually turn it on, automatically turning it on when it gets dark or coming on when motion is detected within a range of 10 feet. (But note that it will then turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity).

Night-Light Plus Bed Rail

So here’s a two in one type of night-light! If you or a senior loved one uses a bed rail – then you might be interested in the LumaRail which is a bed rail with support bar that slides under the mattress.

The LED motion sensor night-light is just an added little feature to add some extra light to help someone see where the bed rail is and where they are stepping.

I would consider using this in addition to any of the other night-lights I mentioned above.

Night Light Surface Tray

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This scratch-resistant night light is a sleek modern light source that can be placed on top of any standard night table. When the user wakes up in the middle of the night, they will be able to see the items on their nightstand without switching on an extra bright lamp!

Toilet Night Lights

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These are practical and a little fun. These dimmable, motion sensor lights sit on the rim of the toilet bowl and will turn on when you get closer to it. I would recommend this in addition to another night light in the bathroom itself and of course, on the way to the bathroom too.

All in all I would highly recommend night-lights throughout your home, no matter what age you are – but certainly especially for older adults!

It’s just the smart thing to do.

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