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EZ Step Stair Climbing Cane

The EZ Step Stair Climbing Cane is great for those who have a difficult time lifting their foot high enough to step on a stair step. It is 3.5 inches high, which basically reduces the height you need to step up from one step to another by half.

My former mom-in-law had this problem – she could only raise her foot a couple of inches and a normal stair step is about 7 inches high.

Because she couldn’t get up her grandson’s four outside stairs, she was unable to be with her family during the last couple of holidays of her life, which makes my heart hurt for her!

If I had known about the EZ Step Stair Climbing Cane (see it online), I would have gladly sent her one.

As you can see by the picture, you use it by placing the stair step cane on the ground in front of the stairs, then:

  • Step up onto the cane’s platform with the foot closest to the cane (in the picture, it’s the right leg).
  • Next, step up onto the stair with the opposite foot (left leg).
  • When your weight is securely balanced on the leg that is standing on the step (left leg), pull the EZ Cane up and place it on next highest stair step (in front of the right leg).
  • Step up onto the EZ Cane platform (right leg).
  • Repeat until you reach the top of the stairs.

This stair-step cane is very lightweight (only 2 lbs) and the cane can be adjusted to the height needed by it’s user. It can be used by anyone who is 350 lbs or less.

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