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Non Slip Indoor and Outdoor Rugs

We often recommend anti slip rugs in our articles (and to our senior family and friends).

And yes, you can certainly make an existing rug anti-slip by adding a gripper below that rug but although that may make your rug non slip it doesn’t necessarily mean that the rug is as safe as it could be.

The pile (height) of that rug may be too high if you are using a walker or a cane, the rug may be curled on the edges and other issues may contribute to it not being very safe.

KMAT Door Rubber Rug

This rug has a low pile, can be used indoors and outdoors and can withstand wear and tear from mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and canes.

Vintage Non Slip Runner Rug

Many homes have runner rugs either by the front door or down the hallway and this runner rug is non slip making it a safe option for homes with seniors.

Ottomanson Low Pile Area Rug

This low pile area rug is non slip and comes in a variety of designs and sizes.

For homes with seniors we always recommend a low pile type of rug simply because it’s less likely to trip over, easier for anyone using a cane or a walker and easier also if someone is using a wheelchair.

Non Slip Bathroom Mats

This is a super absorbent bathroom mat that has a non slip rubber surface on the underside.

Of course, it’s a low pile rug, about 0.4 inch thickness.

There are many different types and sizes of non slip rugs that you can purchase.

To see a variety of them – click here.

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