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Non Slip Flooring For Seniors

Falls are one of the most feared incidences that every elderly person (and their children and caregivers) worries about. One fall can result in an injury that can take months or years to recover, or worse, one fall could end a life.

The following statistics are from

  • 1 in 4 older adults reports falling every year
  • An elder who has fallen once, is twice as likely to fall again
  • Every 20 minutes a senior person dies from a fall
  • Falls are the leading cause of head injuries and broken hips in those over the age of 65
  • The average hospital cost for injuries related to falls is over $30,000
  • The loss of independence is the most profound effect of a fall

It’s for this reason that preventing falls is a number ONE priority when working to make a home safe for an older adult.

One way to do this is to install non-slip (or anti slip) products throughout the living environment (that includes inside the home and outside the home).

Non Slip Flooring Products I Recommend

Anti Slip Coatings

If replacing your existing flooring is not an option – you can look into products by companies like Trusty-Step, Slip Doctors and SlipTec Solutions which all offer products that can be applied (like a varnish) onto existing flooring. It works on ceramic tile, terrazzo, porcelain, quarry tile, fiberglass, brick, wood, concrete, marble, granite, vinyl and travertine tiles.

These anti slip coatings can work indoors and outdoors and although they require more work and cost more than simply installing tape or treads, they will not alter the look of your flooring.

You can purchase these from companies like the ones I mentioned above, you can also check out your local hardware stores and of course, from online stores as well.

Anti Slip Flooring

The company AKW in England produces a slip resistant vinyl flooring product that is available for residential use.

According to their website, the product is a “PVC floor covering with glass fire reinforced polyester cellulose backing which allows it to be used with under floor heating.”

It comes with a 10 year guarantee to remain slip resistant.

Stair Treads

Indoor stairs can present multiple problems for older adults and there are multiple solutions to these problems – one of them being stair treads. There are so many varieties these days that it’s an inexpensive solution to making the steps on stairs so much safer.

So here are several products that I can recommend for you and your senior loved ones.

Indoor Stair Treads

You have multiple options for stair treads, which is great because you can customize them to your decor.

The different kinds of stair treads that are available today are carpet, rubber and tape. They all do a wonderful job of adding traction to your steps which reduces the chances of slipping and falling.

Carpet stair treads come in a variety of styles and designs. You can choose from simple styles like these or patterned styles like these. There are many more to choose from so look through the multitude of styles available either at your local carpet store or online.

Clear Strips

Clear Anti Slip Roll by EdenProducts (from Amazon) pictured on the right is perfect for indoor wooden steps, bathroom flooring (tile, vinyl, linoleum, etc.) and any other location that is not carpeted. I would also recommend this in the master bedroom, by the bedside if the floor there is not carpeted.

This slip prevention product comes in a 20 foot roll tape that is 2 inches wide and because it comes in a roll it can be cut to any length you need. It’s SUPER easy to install and can be done in minutes.

It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

It’s made out of PEVA (a non-chlorinated vinyl often used instead of PVC) material which means that cleaning it is very easy. Indoors you simply clean it with a moist towel, outdoors you can clean it with a hose.

This is an inexpensive product that can make steps and flooring safer for not only senior adults but pets, children and anyone with mobility issues.

Carpeted Treads

For homeowners who want a more “decorative” anti slip product on their stairs, an excellent solution are non slip carpeted treads. They come in a large variety of styles and colors. Just make sure that they are slip resistant. You can purchase these at a local flooring store or online.

Outdoor Treads

Outdoor Anti Slip Treads like the ones made by Handi-Treads (as seen on The Profit) are specifically designed for wooden outdoor steps, decks and other wood surfaces. It’s an aluminum product that the manufacturer states will not rust or wear out.

Again, they are easy to install and inexpensive considering that costly damage that they can save someone from.

Rubber Floor Treads are an excellent product as well and these days, the large variety are produced for both indoor and outdoor. I would recommend to purchase solid rubber treads (vs the cut out ones) to avoid any problems if your senior loved one uses a cane or a walker. I personally have dealt with having to remove the tip of a cane that was jammed into a rubber floor tread that had intricate lacy cutouts.

I hope that some or a few of these products will help you to make your home (or that of your elderly loved one) as safe as possible.

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