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Products For Seniors Aging In Place

We want your home (or your senior parent’s house) to be as safe as possible. We’ve spent countless hours researching and testing the items we recommend – and we’ve used many of them both in our own homes and in those of our elderly parents.

Our goal is to recommend products that are priced well and maintain a high standard of quality. We hope our experience can help you decide which product to use for your senior loved one.

Our List of Safety Products For Seniors Aging In Place

Anti Slip Floor Products

Preventing falls is a number ONE priority when working to make a home safe for an older adult. One way to do this is to install non-slip (or anti slip) products throughout the living environment (that includes inside the home and outside the home).

Anti Slip Indoor and Outdoor Rugs

Sometimes it’s just easier to use one type of rug for both indoors and outdoors – here’s our recommendation of such a rug.

Carpet To Tile Thresholds

The transitions from one to the other can sometimes be “uneven” or if the carpeting is old, can be lifted which could possibly cause someone to fall.

Declutter and Organize

10 great product ideas to help you declutter and organize your home or a senior loved one’s home.

EZ Step Stair Climbing Cane

This stair climbing cane can be very beneficial for some seniors who need some help using a staircase with a cane.

Fire Safety

Every home should be outfitted with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguishers.

Glow In The Dark Tape

The glow in the dark tape product may be useful to create some low light in an area such as a bathroom or stair steps but it is not perfect. See our review about this product.

Handicap Step Stool (Safety Step Stool For Elderly)

One product that can help seniors stay independent longer is a handicap step stool. There are several types of safety step stools to choose from, depending on where the stool will be used.

Medical Alert Devices

Most everyone has heard of Life Alert but there are many different companies with many different types of medical alert devices. Check out the ones we reviewed.

Monitoring Tools

Whether you need to monitor someone in your own home or if you are apart – there are monitoring devices that can help both seniors and caregivers to stay in touch and provide support and help when and if needed.


There are different types of night-lights that can be used throughout the house.  Take a look at the ones that we recommend.

Rug Grippers

If you want to keep the rugs you have in your home and they aren’t non slip the next best thing was to add Rug Grippers to the existing rugs. It’s not the BEST solution, but it’s better than having rugs that can easily slip on the floor.

Simple Touch

This wonderful little device can be used throughout the house! It’s a shut off device for electrical items so it could be used on curling irons, toaster ovens, heating pads and much more.

SimpliSafe Home Security

SimpliSafe is a great home security system for many reasons but my three favorite are that it’s very easy to install, very easy to use and if you move – you can take it with you!

Smoke Detector Tools

All homes should have a smoke detector but many homeowners do not take the time to regularly maintain them. Here are 2 tools that we can recommend to help you keep up with this very vital piece of home equipment.

Snow Blowers For Seniors

For older adults living in colder climates in single family homes, a snow blower may be a necessity. Read our review of some of the best blowers in today’s market.

Space Heaters with Timers

There’s no doubt that during the winter months – a space heater can make your room more comfortable but if they are not safe to use then the dangers are not worth the comfort. Here are some space heaters with timers that are safer to use.

Tools To Help Elderly Stand Up

There are multiple products that can help aging adults to go from a sitting position to a standing position. These include grab bars and chair aids. See the products that we recommend.

Walker Hand Grips

If you’re using a walker, it’s important to use the right kind of hand grips to make using the walker as comfortable as possible and to protect your hands. The right walker grips can help to stabilize your hands and keep them from slipping off the walker.

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