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General Home Safety Products

We want your home (or your senior parent’s house) to be as safe as possible.  We’ve spent countless hours researching and testing the items we recommend – and we’ve used many of them both in our own homes and in those of our elderly parents.

Our goal is to recommend products that are priced well and maintain a high standard of quality. We hope our experience  can help you decide which product to use for your senior loved one.

Our List of Safety Products For Seniors In The General / Entire Home Category Include:

Alexa Devices For Seniors And Families

Here is our list of the Alexa products that we are currently recommending.  From the Echo Dot to the smart plugs – you’ll find what you need to make your life (and your elderly parents’ lives) easier and safer!

Anti Slip Floor Products

Preventing falls is a number ONE priority when working to make a home safe for an older adult. One way to do this is to install non-slip (or anti slip) products throughout the living environment (that includes inside the home and outside the home).

Carpet To Tile Thresholds

The transitions from one to the other can sometimes be “uneven” or if the carpeting is old, can be lifted which could possibly cause someone to fall.

Gait Belts For Transfer

Gait belts are assistive devices that are used to help frail seniors or those with limited mobility maintain stability while walking or transferring from – for example – a wheelchair to the toilet or from the bed to a wheelchair.When used correctly, a gait belt lessens the chance of the senior falling and injuring themselves.

Glow In The Dark Tape

The glow in the dark tape product may be useful to create some low light in an area such as a bathroom or stair steps but it is not perfect.  See our review about this product.

Invisawear Smart Jewelry For Seniors

Invisawear Smart Jewelry – these days, GPS and alert wearables don’t have to look clunky – this beautiful necklace is a piece of jewelry that is also a safety device!

Non Slip Rugs and Mats

The use of non-slip rugs and mats in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms (actually throughout the entire house) are a must have for any senior who is aging in place. It not only helps to prevent falls but it can also help to cushion a fall as much as possible.

Tools To Help Elderly Stand Up

There are multiple products that can help aging adults to go from a sitting position to a standing position.  These include grab bars and chair aids.  See the products that we recommend.

Weighted Blankets For Seniors

For those under stress, weighted blankets are supposed to work much like touch pressure therapy. Essentially, the weight of the blankets induces bodily pressure that may trigger the production of serotonin – a feel-good chemical – and this can help the elderly relieve the symptoms of several conditions.


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