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Tool To Help Seniors Get Up From The Floor – EZ Riser Mobility Tool

It is a fact of life that as we age, it gets harder and harder to get up once we have crouched down or have ended up on the floor somehow. This is due to conditions like bad knees and leg muscle weakness.

Many seniors would love to carry on with activities they have enjoyed through their lives, but have given them up because they just can’t get up afterwards (for example: gardening or working on cars).

There is a tool that can help seniors get up from the floor, however. It’s called the EZ Riser Mobility Tool.

The Ez Riser Mobility Tool has an anti-slip base. It can be used on carpeting, hardwood floors, outside in the yard, or anywhere that you need an extra support to help you stand.

I live alone so I put one in the kitchen and the other one in the hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom. If I fall down, I am able to crawl to one of these devises and pull myself up quite easily. It is very sturdy and stable even on carpeting. I use it to help me get out of the tub and I take one with me when traveling. I could not recommend this product more highly.

JC, (Online Shopper)

It is light enough to be portable (1.50 pounds), but sturdy enough support up to 600 pounds of weight (272 kg).

One thing to note is that this device does not have a motor or hydraulics or anything that will raise you up. It is strictly an “arm extension” to help you get up on your own. If this doesn’t seem supportive enough for you, the ResQUP Mobility Device might be a better fit. The ResQUP is like a set of “stairs” that you scoot up on until you have reached the level where you can sit-to-stand.

If you are not able to get up on your own, a hoyer lift is one option for you. Another is emergency lifting cushions that can be used if you fall and cannot get up (in this case, we recommend calling 9-1-1, though. The first responders are trained to get people up off the floor and they can assess you for injuries while they are with you).

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