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Hoyer Lifts For Home Use

Hoyer Lifts are usually seen in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities may also have them. They are extremely useful in transferring persons who are unable to help themselves.

But in a home setting, Hoyer Lifts can also be extremely useful if the caregiver is unable to physically assist their senior loved one safely in a transfer.

There are many models of these lifts available but one that you may want to consider is the Invacare Painted Hydraulic Lift shown below.

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  • It weights 68 lbs but once it’s assembled it easily rolls on the floor
  • Holds up to 450 lbs
  • It can be used to pick up someone from a chair, a bed or even the floor
  • Does not come with a sling. That’s an additional purchase, but you can buy it online by clicking here
  • You can also see the assortment of Hoyer Lifts at Med Mart by clicking here

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