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Top Selling Items October 2021

This year, October kicked off the holiday shopping season! With so many products in short supply, shipping delays and other factors are making it more difficult to get things that we normally could buy without any problems.

So, start your holiday shopping as soon as possible this year!

List Of The Top Selling Items Our Readers Bought In October 2021

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

I really love this grab bar! It’s perfect for use by a bathtub or shower, toilet or bed or anywhere else someone may need assistance getting up, standing up, etc.

Corn Filled Heating Pad

With winter on it’s way, it just makes sense that a heating pad would be a wonderful product to have in the house.

Gait Belt

This wonderful gait belt can help caregivers to safely transfer and assist their senior loved ones while walking. It’s a product that we see being sold most often month after month!

RangeSafe Stove Safety Knobs

These great safety knobs are not only stylish but very useful for households with seniors – especially seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Check out our review of these safety knobs.

Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector

One of the products that our readers buy month after month! And who can blame them! It’s a great product at a great price and a great way to keep your home and loved ones safe.

Stair Tread Tape

Making wooden stairsteps safer for everyone (including seniors) is an easy thing to do with these clear stair treads tape.

Designer Grab Bar

A beautiful bronze designer grab bar that can be used in the bathroom, bedroom or anywhere in the home to make it safer for seniors.

Brushed Nickel Grab Bar

If bronze is not part of your decor, then maybe this beautiful brushed nickel version would suite your home better.

Grab Bar Secure Mount

This securemount anchor will keep your grab bar securely mounted on the wall. After all, a grab bar won’t be safe to use if it isn’t able to hold someone’s weight.

Sahara Nights Pillow

This beautiful gel fiber hypoallergenic pillow is perfect for back and stomach sleepers.

Heat Reflective Blanket

This ultra soft blanket as a thermo-conductive surface which means that it holds and reflects the heat from your own body. This helps to keep you warm and cozy. A perfect wintertime accessory.

Safe-er-Grip Suction Handle

Suction grab bars can be used in some instances. They are certainly easier to install but please know that they are NOT meant to hold your full weight and the suction will wear out after some time. Read more about them here.

Neck Massage Pillow

A great massager that our readers seem to love! It provides deep kneading Shiatsu massage that can be used on shoulders, back, and feet.

Electric Grinder

An easy way for anyone who may have arthritis or weak hands and enjoys fresh ground spices or coffee.

Fresh Step Odor Eliminating Powder

Our readers with cats are using this product to help neutralize cat odor in their homes.

Reflective Tread

These self-adhesive treads are great for use on stair steps to help make them safer and reduce the chances of slipping and falling.

Magnetic Wristband

These magnetic wristbands are perfect for the tool guy in your life! Makes working on a project much easier and safer.

Facial Masks To Protect From Covid

These days it seems that we will be using facial masks for quite some time so why not stock up on them? It seems our readers are doing just that.

Camera For Home Security

This home security camera works with facial recognition. It has night vision, and works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Blink Mini

Another small smart security camera with night vision and motion detection and two way audio. Also works with Alexa.

Ring Indoor Cam

A two way talk indoor security camera that works with Alexa.

We hope you get some great ideas and useful products out of this list and that they can help to make your home and lives easier and safer.

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