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Top Selling Items In May 2020

Our readers are smart and we like to review the products that they purchase through our website to not only see what is popular, but also what is being found as most useful.

We thought it was time to start sharing our findings!

Our List Of The Top Selling Items Our Readers Bought In May 2020

Medical Adjustable Bathtub Safety Rail Shower Grab Bar Handle

This bathtub grab bar handle is a great addition to any bathtub used by seniors.  It can provide support for that person getting in and out of their bathtub safely which in turn can help to prevent injuries and falls.

Drive Medical Kitchen Stool

An aluminum frame padded stool with back and side arms for comfort and ease of use.  Legs are adjustable and can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

Bed Rails Safety Assist Handle Bed Railing for Elderly & Seniors

This bed rail guard is made of sturdy aluminum with wood grain designed handles.  Fits mattresses that have a thickness of 5 to 8 inches.  Extra braces may be required for mattresses that are thicker than 8 inches.  Easy to assemble, install and use.

Medline Bed Assist bar With Storage Pocket

My mom-in-law loves her Medline Bed Assist bar and your senior loved one may too.  It’s super easy to install with a rail slide that slips under your mattress.  Has height adjustable legs and grip bar.  And the pocket makes it very easy to access bedside items like books, flashlight, television remote, etc.

Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail

Another popular bed assist bar that our readers have been purchasing is the Stander EZ model.  It’s wider which may help if there are problems with falling out of bed.  It folds out of the way when needed and again, the pockets are great to store and access bedside items.

Other Popular Reader Choices

Below is a list of other popular items that our readers purchased during May 2020.

Sultan’s Linens Foldable Non Slip Rubber Bath Mat – a stylish bathtub mat to can be used inside and outside of the bathtub to help make the floor less slipper.

DII Indoor Outdoor Rubber Easy Clean Entry Way Welcome Doormat – an outdoor durable PVC mat to help make any outdoor area less slippery.

LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner – one thing caregivers can do for themselves is to make the day to day housework easier on themselves and a mildew resistant shower liner like this one can help with that.

NICETOWN Bedroom Curtains Room Darkening Drapes – helping seniors (or anyone) to sleep well during the day can be assisted with darkening drapes like these.

LDR Industries Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod – a curved shower rod like this one can be very useful to keep the shower curtain and/or liner off of the person in the shower/tub and it can also work well if a tub transfer bench is being used.

Moen R8960FD 30-Inch Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar – this stainless steel bathroom grab bar is one of my favorites.  It flips up and away when not needed, accommodates up to 300 pounds of weight on it and it’s made of very durable construction.

Kidde AC Plug-in Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Detector Alarm – we have been recommending this product for over a year and it is one of the most popular items our readers purchase month after month.

CSI Bathware BAR-WAVE18-SA Series Wave Shaped Grab Bar – this modern version of a grab bar integrates function with art.  Made of rust resistant stainless steel and supports up to 500 pounds of weight.

Moen R8732P Home Care Bathroom Safety 32-Inch Grab Bar – for those of you who prefer a standard grab bar – this one fits the bill.  It’s textured handle decreases the chances of your hand slipping on the bar.  It support 500 pounds of weight and is backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Moen R8918P Home Care 18-Inch – a smaller version of Moen’s standard grab bar for those smaller spaces where a grab bar may be needed.

AmazonBasics Bathroom Handicap Safety Grab Bar – this is Amazon’s safety grab bar that comes in a variety of different sizes and diameters.  It also supports up to 500 pounds of weight.

The Original White Door Guardian – a great product to install on doors to help prevent seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s from getting outside without supervision.  Works on inswinging doors and is available in white, brass, satin chrome, antique brass and satin nickel.

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor – an audio baby monitor may be just what you need to monitor your senior loved one.  My sister and I used one very similar to this one to help us monitor our mother and it worked excellently.

The First Years Take & Toss Spill Proof Straw Cups – spill proof cups are great for all ages and these seem to be quite popular amongst our readers.  They work great to help prevent accidental glass breakage of standard glassware.

Kissall Purp File – many caregivers spend a good amount of time on personal care of their senior loved ones and this includes filing their nails.  This nail file seems popular amongst our readers and you may like it too.

Jergens Ultra Healing Dry Skin Moisturizer – another popular personal care product is this Jergens moisturizer.  Many medications that seniors take can make their skin dry and itchy and if they scratch their skin (which are usually very thin) they can get cuts which may turn into infections.  So keeping the skin supple and moist is very important for older adults.

Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers with Nonslip Sole – we strongly advocate for older adults to wear non-slip shoes or at the very least, nonslip socks.  These slippers are quite popular amongst our readers and for good reason.  They have a memory foam footbed, can be used indoors and outdoors, come in a variety of colors and by all reports, are very comfortable for most people.

blurams Dome Pro, 1080p Security Camera with Siren – this security camera is certainly one of the products that we see our readers purchasing every month.  It has all the features that you would want when monitoring your senior loved ones.  Facial recognition, human sound detection, person alerts, night vision, works with Alexa and more.

AKASO WiFi Camera Pet Camera – although this is technically a “pet camera” it can also work quite well as a security camera.  It also works with Alexa and Google Home and Fire TV as well.

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision – this little smart camera is an indoor wireless camera with night vision and 2 way audio.  It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Amazon 5W USB Official OEM Charger and Power Adapter for Fire Tablets and Kindle – with so many more seniors using Fire Tablets and Kindles – it’s important to keep them charged and our readers love this charger.

Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover – it’s important to keep our Kindles protected and leather covers like this one are just the way to do that.

Kindle Paperwhite – we recommend the Kindle Paperwhite because it’s one of the easiest screens to read off of and it’s also waterproof!

Handi-Treads – in our recommendations to help caregivers and older adults make their floors and steps less slippery and safer – we promote this Handi-Treads product.  It’s made of aluminum (which  makes it perfect for outdoors), it’s 30 inches long and is coated with grip paint which the manufacturer says will not rust or wear out.

S&X Stair Treads Non Slip Tape with Photoluminescent Stripe – perfect for indoors or outdoors – these stair treads offer two great benefits.  They make the steps less slippery and they have a photoluminescent strip which glows in the dark.

SMART CAREGIVER TL-5102MP Motion Sensor And Pager – this motion sensor and pager can help many caregivers if they need to monitor their senior loved one(s).

Echo Show – I love my Echo Show and use it multiple times a day.  There are many amazing features that it can provide for families and seniors and if you don’t have one yet, I encourage you to check it out.

Echo (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – another great product by Amazon is the smart speaker which is essentially an Alexa product without the screen (like the Echo Show).  It’s perfect for listening to music, audio books, podcasts and can even be used as a speaker for your television set.


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