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Top Selling Items February 2021

Second month of the new year and we’re reviewing the top selling items that our readers purchased in February 2021. You’ll see some old favorites and some new ones! And just maybe a few of these will help you to make your life easier and safer.

List Of The Top Selling Items Our Readers Bought In February 2021

Hip Chair

This chair is specially made for someone who has undergone hip surgery. It’s adjustable height allows the user to set it up for the best possible sitting height recommended by their physician.

Able Life Universal Stand Assist

For the second month in a row, this very helpful tool is quite popular amongst our readers. It’s for someone who has trouble getting up and down safely off a chair or sofa.

Adjustable Bathtub Safety Rail

A great safety bathtub rail that can easily be installed onto a bathtub.

Kidde AC Plug-In Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Detector Alarm

Without a doubt this is one of the most popular items that our readers have purchased most every month. We are so very happy to see that so many are taking the right steps to protecting themselves, their homes and their loved ones.

Edge Corner Protector

This heavy duty rubber foam is perfect for areas and furniture around your home where an older adult can bump into and scrape and injure their skin.

Paper Coffee Cups with Lids and Stirresrs

As more and more of us are getting our Covid vaccinations we are starting the see people venturing outdoors and doing some local traveling. These cups can work very well for hot and cold drinks while you’re on the road.

Reminisce Print Magazine

A wonderful magazine that our readers are enjoying. It’s a print magazine filled with nostalgia. Photos and stories that you and senior loved ones can reminisce over together.


These non-slip treads are perfect for outdoor steps, making them safer in all types of weather.

Peanut Suet Nuggets

Well, I suppose that more of our readers are beginning to prepare their yards for the springtime birds that will soon be coming back after a long winter away. Bird watching and gardening are wonderful activities for seniors!

Fire Blanket Emergency Survival Cover

Again, so very pleased to see that our readers are taking the right steps to help protect themselves from fire emergencies! These fire blankets can be great for older adults who are unable to manage a fire extinguisher. Check them out!

All-new Echo Show 10

Yet another very popular item is the Echo Show. But now, that the 3rd generation of Echo Show is available, it seems that this is becoming popular as well. There are so many wonderful skills that older adults can use just from this one device – I do recommend that you check it out for yourself and your senior loved ones.

We hope you get some great ideas and useful products out of this list and that they can help to make your home and lives easier and safer.