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Top Selling Items December 2022

Our readers had an active holiday season in December 2022, purchasing everything from tech gadgets to cozy winter clothing.

In addition to all the great gifts, our readers also continued to focus on all the wonderful products that can help to make any home safer for older adults.

Here’s a look at what they bought the most:

List Of The Top Selling Items Our Readers Bought In December 2022

Bronze Family Tree

Obviously a great gift for most anyone, but especially grandparents! I have given this to several friends and they love it! Such a beautiful and unique way to showcase family photos.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

There’s nothing like walking into a room that has a beautiful scent. They can help to relax you, de-stress you and an amazing sense of calm. Diffusers are wonerful to have in your home and they make for a great gift too.

Family Wall Hanging

Now this is a different way to remind you who’s birthday is when. Hang it up anywhere and it can add a bit of decor along with being practical.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

I use this clasp on a necklace I wear and I love it. It really makes it super easy to put that necklace on and to take it off. No more fumbling with the little clip. It’s a great gift for anyone who has trouble putting on their jewelry.

Smartphone Screen Magnifier

A few of my friends have received this gift and they love it. If you or someone you know watches movies or Youtube videos on their phone, then this can be a great gadget to have. It amplifies the screen on your phone making it easier to watch.

Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier

Know someone who loves to read but is having trouble with the size of the print or the font? Well, this great hand held page magnifier with a built in dimmable LED light can be just the right thing to have. It’s also anti-glare making it much easier to read in just about any light.

Large Day Clock

This is always a popular item that our readers purchase. For anyone with limited vision and/or memory problems, this clock that tells the time of day, the hour and minutes, the date and the day of the week is a great gift.

Under Counter Jar and Bottle Opener

A classic product that has been around for many, many years. It takes up very little space, mounts under a cabinet and comes in very, very handy!

Motion Activated Bed Light

Do you get up often during the night? A nightlight can be a great item but maybe you don’t want that light on all the time. Well, this is a great solution. It turns on when it senses motion (your feet on the ground) and then turns off anywhere from 30 seconds to 6 minutes later.

Bathtub Mat

Always a great idea to make the bathtub and shower floor as anti-slip as possible. This mat works great on bathtubs. There’s no suction but stays put and helps to make your tub safer.

Nightlight Moon Lamp

I’m contemplating getting this for myself, it looks so cool! The wooden base is about 6 inches and the light is an LED touch control light. A conversation starter for sure. There’s no plug. You charge the globe through a USB port.

Ontel Handy Heater

This little 800-watt heater is plugged into a wall outlet. The built in thermostat is adjustable ranging from 60 to 90 degrees fahrenheit. It has built in features like an auto shut off. A great product for small spaces.

Voice Recordable Talking Photo Album

What a wonderful gift to give to someone. A photo album that includes your voice recordings talking about the photos, stories, etc. You can record up to 2 hours worth of tales for your loved ones.

Adjustable Lap Top Desk

These days, it seems that most everyone spends some time on their laptop computer. Well, it can be a great thing to mount it on an adjustable lap top desk like this one to make it easier to use and to read.

Password Book

This great, large print password book has plenty of room to put your passwords for all your programs, accounts, subscriptions, etc. Plus, you can put information about your Wi-Fi connection, your computer and more.

Mom, I Want To Hear Your Story

Something that many of us wish we had more of are the stories of our parents’ lives. Books like this one encourage them to write down their experiences, thoughts, etc. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your loved one.

A Lifetime Of Memories

Yet, another great book that can encourage your senior loved ones to write down their life story! It’s filled with questions for them to answer which can help to stir some memories they may have forgotten. What a great way to get your family history written down.

A Box Of Blessings

A box filled with cards of blessings and bible verses. Small enough to put in your purse. Read one each day to give yourself that light of affirmation.

The Book Of Unusual Knowledge

I gave this 704- page book to a friend of mine and he just loves it. It’s filled with all kinds of crazy facts and factoids and can be something fun to read as well as to share at a dinner party. That’s what he did and his guests had a lot of fun with it.

Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo

This fun activity book is filled with jokes, puzzles, sudoku and more. It’s a fun gift to give, fun to keep in your bathroom for guests and just plain fun.

On This Day In History, Sh!t When Down

I love learning about history, especially the facts that aren’t in traditional history books. This book is filled with 393 pages of historical events that many people don’t know about.

Back and Neck Massager

We can all use a good massager every now and then and this one fits the bill. It gives a deep tissue massage that you can place on your neck or your back. It’s only 3 pounds and about the size of a back pillow.

Leg Massager

Another great massager for your legs. A wonderful gift for anyone who suffers from muscle fatigue in their legs.

Able Life Tray Table

This is a popular item amongst our readers. A portable table that can be used by your favorite chair. It has a built in handle that can be used to help you to get up and down safely.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

A great way to turn your shower time into a spa experience is to put one of these shower bombs in there with you! Filled with essential oils, they can help you to relax and de-stress. And it seems we can all use a little bit of that these days.

Able Life Auto Cane

This great little gift can be a wonderful stocking stuffer and a great little tool for anyone who has trouble getting into and out of a car or truck.

Medline Bed Assist Bar

This great little bed rail has a built in storage pocket. It’s perfect for anyone who just needs a little bit of help getting in and out of the bed.

Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

A standard item that should be in every home where someone needs help to stand up, sit down and to walk. It’s the same safety belt I used with my patients as an Occupational Therapist.

White Noise Machine

I use my Alexa device for a sound machine but if you prefer a portable separate unit, this one is a favorite amongst our readers. It has 6 nature sounds that you can choose from. I know that I sleep much better with the sound of heavy rain at night.

E-Z Riser Mobility Tool

Another popular staple is this great little gadget that can make getting up from a sitting position much easier and safer.

Weighted Hot Neck Shoulder Wrap

When you need a hot wrap around your neck, this can be a great little thing to have. It provides deep pressure and herbal aromatherapy. It weights 3 lbs. Just pop it in the microwave to get it hot and you’re good to go.

Hand Massager

For anyone with carpal tunnel or arthritis (and maybe even just general muscle pain) in their hands, this heated hand massager can bring some great relief.

Pill Organizer

I know that I rely on my pill organizer to help keep me on track. This can be a great thing for you too. It has compartments for day and night, easy to follow.

Garden Gloves with Claws

For those who enjoy gardening, this interesting set of gloves has built in claws to help make it just a bit easier to dig into the dirt to plant or re-plant.

It Took Me 70 Years To Look This Good

A great gift for any 70 year old birthday! Just a fun way to showcase your age and show how proud you are to have reached this milestone.

Coffee Mug Warmer

A great way to keep that hot coffee or tea mug warm as you sip it. The size of a coaster, you just plug it in and you can enjoy a nice cup of hot whatever until the last drop in the cup.

Guidelight Outlets

I am so glad to see that this product is popular amongst our readers. It’s such a great idea! an LED nightlight with an on/off sensor built right in to the outlet.

RangeSafe Stove Safety Knobs

These stylish stove knobs help to reduce the risk of accidental ignition. They replace the knobs that are on your stove but check the description carefully because they don’t necessarily fit every type of stove.

Toilet Light

Although this seems like a fun gag gift, it’s actually a very useful and practical gift! A motion detector light that sits inside your toilet.

Grab Bar Mounting Kit

If you plan to install your own grab bars then this kit can help you to do it correctly. It’s a kit for 1 grab bar which is not included.

Touch Bedside Lamp

An easy touch bedside lamp that comes in multiple colors. It also has a built in bluetooth speaker.

Tile Pro

This bluetooth tracker is a great way to keep track of things like keys, bags and just about anything that you can hook this onto.

Charging Station

This handy bamboo charging station is a great way to charge multiple devices all in one spot. A cool way to organize everything, including your smart watch and earbuds.

Solar Wind Spinner

A fun ornament for any front or backyard! The glass ball changes color and the wind turns the spinner around and around.

Chair Exercise Kit

This kit includes 2 resistance bands, handles and a printed exercise guide. Resistance exercise is one of the best types of exercises for senior adults.