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Top Selling Items December 2020

December was an amazing month – our best ever! Our readers are showing us what they like and that gives us even more information about how we can help seniors and caregivers!

List Of The Top Selling Items Our Readers Bought In December 2020

Arealer Foot Massager

A Shiatsu foot massager with remote control, LCD displays and more.

Medline Bed Assist Bar

This continues to be one of those great little products that is popular every month!

Memories For My Grandchild

This great little memory book is one that we recommended from our Christmas List and we’re so very happy that it became a popular item!

Grandmother’s Journal

Another great book that’s a really good gift for Grandmothers!

WarmZone Heat Reflective Blanket

It makes sense to use a blanket with thermo conducive coating that helps to reflect body heat!

SnapPower Guidelight For Outlets

I absolutely love this product and I’m so glad to see that so many of our readers thought so too!


This wonderful lamp has touch control and memory function and is perfect to reading, working, etc. It has 50 light modes making it extremely customizable to whatever amount of light you find comfortable.

Kidde AC Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Detector

Another product that keeps popping up every single month (it seems)!

Eden Products Pre Cut Transparent Anti Slip Strips

These as great to help make steps or any area less slippery and because they’re transparent they won’t interfere with your decor!

LumiLux Toilet Light

I can totally see this as a fun stocking stuffer! But the thing is – it can really be a life safer for many seniors.

Waynewon Plug-in LED Night Light

We always recommend as much lighting as possible in any home with seniors and this beautiful light can certainly help with that!

Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

Another must have product as we grow older are automatic jar openers and this one topped the list!

Quixx – A Family Dice Game

We’re all looking for fun things to do with our loved one as we do our best to get through this pandemic! And apparently, Quixx is a winner.

Bamboo Charging Station

I think any product that offers so much organization is a great gift and something many seniors (and everyone) should have in their home.

Bone Lanyard Phone Tie

I have a few friends who take walks almost daily and something like this would be a great way for them to carry their phone safely.

Wishcotton Womens House Slippers

A friend of mine recently fell in her kitchen because she was wearing slippers without a closed back. She tripped and fell face first on her kitchen floor! I always recommend closed back shoes for seniors and that includes great slippers like these.

passwordsFAST Offline Password Keeper

These days, we’re all struggling to keep up with the onslaught of passwords that we need to keep and remember. This little gadget is one that we’ve been recommending for a long time and apparently – our readers love it too.

Magnetic Wristband for Men

Now honestly, this could be for men or women! Anyone who likes to work on projects around the home. A great way to keep nails and screws handy.

Belursus Multipurpose Tool (11 tools in 1)

Another great little handy gadget for anyone!

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

Such a great gift for anyone whether you live nearby or not. Share photos and video clips instantly!

blurams Indoor Security Cameras

No surprise here – this great little camera is a very, very popular item that our readers seem to love.

Ultra HD 4 MP Wireless Security Camera

Another security camera that our readers bought this month! Its perfect for keeping an eye on kids, pets, nannies and of course, your elderly loved ones!

Infant Optics Baby Monitor

I know the title and intention of this product is for babies but truthfully, it’s been one of the most popular items that our readers have been buying and emailing us about and they’re using it for their senior loved ones!

Clear Stove Knob Covers

Kitchen safety is always a priority (or at least should be) in every home. And these clear stove knob covers can certainly make the difference on gas stoves with front knobs.

OEM Charger / Power Adapter for Fire Tablets and Kindle Readers

This little item has recently become a popular item and I can see why – many of our readers purchase Kindle products.

All new 4th Generation Echo

I am always recommending Echo / Alexa products simply because they have so many amazing skills that can help to make a home safer and easier for seniors.

Patient Transfer Walking Gait Belt

I used gait belts exactly like this one for many years as an Occupational Therapist and they truly are safe and handy. So, I’m glad to see that our readers are using them too.

Viktor Jurgen Neck Massage Pillow

After writing this long list of popular items I’m ready to use this myself! A great shoulder, back and foot massager with heat and Shiatsu deep kneading massage.

We hope you get some great ideas and useful products out of this list and we wish everyone an amazing 2021!

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