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Top Selling Items August 2020

We recommend many products through our website and our readers seem to be loving them!  Of course, they also show us the products that they’ve found most useful and we love sharing them with you.

Our List Of The Top Selling Items Our Readers Bought In August 2020

Vive Transfer Belt With Handles

A wonderful safety belt that can be used to help transfer someone as well as helping someone to walk safely. Loving the multiple loops on the belt giving the helper / caregiver several easy ways to safely hold on to their senior loved one.

Medline Toilet Safety Rails

A standard safety frame for toilets that is very easily installed and can help someone to get on and off the toilet safely.

Medline Bed Assist Bar

Making the list again for another month – this wonderful little handy tool (that my mom-in-law loves) can make getting in and out of bed easier and safer for many older adults.

Secure SGBM-72C Transfer & Walking Gait Belt

A more decorative version of the standard gait belts that I used as an Occupational Therapist. A must have for caregivers who are caring for seniors who require some assistance to stand, to sit and to walk.

Dr. Scholl’s AIR-PILLO Insoles

A very inexpensive and easy way to add some extra comfort for your feet! And of course, the more comfortable your feet are, the more you’ll be inclined to walk and get some exercise.

AmeriLuck Stainless Steel Bath Safety Grab Bar

Sleek and stylish black safety grab bars for the bathroom and any other locations throughout your home!

Kidde AC Plug-in Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Detector Alarm

Another very popular product month after month! Protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide and explosive gas!

Moen Home Care 16 Inch Designer Safety Grab Bar

A beautiful and shiny chrome finish safety grab bar for the bathroom and other parts of your home.

RangeSafe Stove Safety Knobs

We reviewed these wonderful safety knobs (see the video) and they are a high quality product that we recommend. And it seems our readers are enjoying them too!

Moen Kingsley Double Robe Hook

Organization is one way to make the home safer for seniors. Using tools like this double hook to make it easier to reach for a robe or clothing or other items is a great way to keep yourself and/or your senior loved ones safer.

Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo by Rugus

This wall mounted kit includes a 10 inch square rain shower head, a handheld shower head with a 15 inch arm, a shower holder and water control valve. I would say for some luxury in the shower – this is the kit that you want!

Recliner Furniture Protector

Many seniors eat their meals (or prefer to) in their recliners and of course snacks as well. As a result, the recliners can end up with stains. This protector set can help to keep your favorite seat clean like new!

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Back again for another month – a very popular item our readers are purchasing is this video baby monitor that can help caregivers monitor their senior loved ones.

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip

Several readers have purchased this suction grab bar and although it seems like it would work very well – we don’t really recommend it simply because the suction power can give out and when it does – the senior person relying on it could fall.

VTech Audio Baby Monitor

If you don’t need a baby monitor with a camera, then one with audio only could suffice for you. This one was a popular one that our readers bought in August 2020.

blurams Home Pro Security Camera

On our list of best sellers again for another month is the blurams Home Pro Security Camera with a plethora of features. 2 way talk, human/sound detection, person alert, privacy area, night vision, siren, cloud/local storage and it works with Alexa and Google. A very popular item!

The Wansview Home Security Camera

Another security camera/ baby monitor with multiple features as well such as motion alerts, 2 way audio, night vision and it’s also compatible with Alexa Echo Show.

Anmeate’s Video Baby Monitor

Monitors are certainly a popular item amongst our readers – and it makes sense. Especially these days, with Covid-19 in our midst – we are all trying to be safe and keep our senior loved ones safe as well.

Teflon Oven Pan Liner

I have this in my oven and I love it! It’s a great way to keep your oven clean and safe from spills and the usual wear and tear. Saves me a lot of cleaning time!

Echo Flex Plug In Mini Smart Speaker

A great and inexpensive way to “extend” your Alexa throughout your home! You can even add a night light or motion sensor to it (these are extras). It was a very popular item in August 2020.

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