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Top Selling Items April 2021

In this list, you’ll find the trending products that our readers purchased in April 2021. They cover the gamut from durable medical equipment to fun gifts for Mother’s Day and much more. We hope that this list helps you to discover new ways to help make your life easier and safer, for yourself or for the senior loved ones in your life.

List Of The Top Selling Items Our Readers Bought In April 2021

Smart Caregiver® Light Outlet

Connect this outlet to a light in the room. The outlet is connected wirelessly to a floor mat. When someone steps on that floor mat (like getting out of bed or walking into the bathroom) the light automatically turns on and it also sends an alert to the designated caregiver letting them know that their senior loved one is up and about.

Drive Medical Kitchen Stool

A popular item that our readers purchase and in April it was no exception. It’s a great way to help keep someone safe in the kitchen or anywhere else they may need to work for a while.

Curved Bathroom Safety Assist Bar

This curved safety bar is a beautiful and elegant way to add a little safety to your area, whether it be the bathroom, the bedroom or anywhere else in your home. It certainly does not look like the traditional safety bars!

Vive Bed Rail

There are several varieties of bed rails like this one that can easily be installed on most any bed. They are such a great help to anyone who needs just a little bit of help to get in and out of their bed safely.

Amazon’s Echo Dot

Certainly one of our popular (and very favorite) products is Amazon’s Alexa devices. Whether they be the Echo Dot or the Echo Show or any of the other devices – they all can be used to create a very safe home environment for seniors and their family members.

Kindle Paperwhite

And another very popular (and favorite) item that both our readers and we love – the Kindle Paperwhite! It’s easy to read screen indoors and outdoors makes it a great way for anyone who loves to read to take the books with them wherever they are! You can order new books from it, store your books and of course, enjoy hours of reading time.

Outlet Shelf for Amazon Echo Devices

This handy dandy little gadget is a great way to have a place to put your Echo device! It takes the place of our outlet cover. It’s easy to install and will work with all Echo dot devices.

Able Life Auto Cane

We both love this product and it seems our readers did too in April! An inexpensive little gadget that can make getting in and out of a car much easier and safer.

Vive Transfer Belt with Handles

If you are working with someone that needs help to stand up, sit down and walking then this safety belt is a great way for you to help them, hold on to them and assist them if they falter.

Curved Bath Safety Grab Bar with Built-in Shelf

Yet another creative way to add safety bars throughout your home! This particular safety bar comes with a shelf so it performs double duty!

Outdoor Flower Solar Lights

I have these in my own back yard and I love them! My neighbors do too! I’m going to take a guess that many of our readers bought these this month for Mother’s Day gifts! But I could be wrong – maybe they just fell in love with them – like I did. Enjoy!

blurams 1080p Indoor Security Camera

Another popular and extremely useful product for seniors and family members! An indoor security camera that can do so much more than just be a camera! Works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Check it out – it has many, many wonderful features to make a home safer for older adults and to help give them family members a little peace of mind!

We hope you get some great ideas and useful products out of this list and that they can help to make your home and lives easier and safer.

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