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Weighted Blankets For Seniors

One of the most popular weighted blankets for seniors is the Weighted Idea Adult Weighted Blanket (check the price online). It has great reviews on Amazon and comes in several colors, weights, and sizes. It is 100 percent cotton and has a one year replacement if there is a quality issue with the blanket.

If you are concerned about the blanket’s weight or if the senior has a sleeping partner who does not want to be under a weighted blanket, there are weighted lap blanket sizes available, too. The DH Beacon Sensory Lap Blanket (check the price online) is perfect for a lap or draping over the shoulders. At 12 inches by 36 inches, it’s too small to sleep under, but could still help with restless legs if it was draped over the person’s legs while in bed.

Care Of A Weighted Blanket:

The manufacturer recommends simple spot cleaning and lying it flat to dry. They report that, “Frequent wash would damage the structure of the blanket, so we suggest use a duvet cover for the aim of easy cleaning.”

For more information about weighted blankets and whether seniors should use one, read our article on Are Weighted Blankets Safe For The Elderly?

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