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Pool Noodles As Bed Bolsters For Seniors

For a low cost way to add “bolsters” to a bed for an elderly person – consider using Jumbo size pool noodles such as the one shown here that you can purchase from Amazon.

This Jumbo Pool Noodles is 55 Inch x 3.5 Inch and should work well as a bolster for most seniors.

This purchase comes with ONE pool noodle so you will have to purchase TWO of them in order to use them effectively as we have shown in our video.

There was at least one review for this product on Amazon where a parent was speaking about using this as a bolster for their daughter and it worked out very well.

As we mentioned in our article on products to help keep elderly from falling out of bed – pool noodles can work effectively as a bed bolster but if the senior person is very large and/or strong and combative, then we would recommend to use either bed rails or wedge pillows or bed bolsters as we recommend for that particular person.

How To Use Pool Noodles As Bed Bolsters

The way we used these pool noodles with is as follows:

  1. You can use a strong wide and long ribbon and a strong tape to connect the pool noodles together but still keep them on the sides of the bed.
  2. You can further fasten them either to the sides of the bed with more ribbons and tape or wrap the ribbons all the way under the mattress.
  3. Then place the fitted sheet over the noodles

The precaution I would give you is that if the noodles are not large enough to keep your senior loved one in the bed then you must use a wedge or bolster meant for this purpose.

I would only recommend using the pool noodle idea if the older adult you are caring for is cognitively aware enough to understand that these are meant to keep them safe and to remind them not to get out of bed without assistance.

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