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Body Heat Activated Blanket: Electric Blanket Alternative

As we discuss in our article, Are Electric Blankets Safe For The Elderly?, an electric blanket is often not a good choice for seniors.

Among the reasons are concerns about fragile skin getting burned, being unable to wash electric blankets for someone who is incontinent, and the potential for damage to wires which can cause a fire.

Instead, we recommend a lightweight, safer alternative – a blanket that reflects the person’s body heat, thus keeping them warm without the use of electricity.

A Heat Reflective Blanket

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This great blanket uses FAR infrared technology to warm the person.

This is a thermo-conductive material similar to the reflective “blankets” that runners use to warm up before or after a race. This particular blanket warms the user about 20 percent quicker than a traditional blanket because it radiates the person’s body warmth back to them.

Added to this great feature is the fact that it is very light weight, so it isn’t going to impede the movements of a frail or mobility-impaired senior. In fact, although this blanket measures 36″ x 60″, it only weighs 1.35 pounds.

It is 100 percent polyester, so it is machine washable and can be dried in a dryer and there are no wires to worry about!

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