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Bed Rails For Seniors To Help Prevent Falls

Most people think of bed rails as the full length rails seen on hospital beds. But the truth is, there are a variety of bed rails available.


The first solution my coworker tried for her mom was getting the Bed Rail Safety Side Guard bed rails that extended partially down the side of the bed.

This helped, but the rails stuck out a little bit from the bed frame when they were folded down.

Her mother had to be very careful when she got out of bed because her skin was thin and she could get bruised where her legs bumped the railing. The problem was solved by keeping a folded blanket nearby and putting it over the railing as she helped her mother up.

Bed railings not only keep a senior from falling out of bed, they can be used as a support to help the person stand up or as an aid when sitting up or lying down in the bed.

Like the Medline Bed Assist bar.

This is a smaller type of bed rail, one that can be used to help someone to get in and out of bed.

NOTE: I would not recommend this smaller type of bed rail if you are trying to keep someone from falling out of bed.

If you need a more “full size” type of bed rail to help prevent someone from falling out of bed we can recommend the Easy Up Bed Rails from Carex Health.

It’s basically two sets of bed rails that when used together creates a full side rail for the person in bed.

There are no tools necessary to install it so it’s extremely easy and it only weights 12 pounds.

All in all – there are many different types of bed rails that you can use.

Take a look at the variety of them by clicking here.

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