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Bed Wedges For Elderly Adults

Wedge pillows are great for supporting a senior’s body, as well as for keeping them from falling out of the bed. They are usually triangle-shaped, although you can find rectangular wedges that are used for supporting and elevating the knees.

Wedge pillows can also help with acid reflux or to ease respiratory issues by propping the person up. They are wonderful for relieving back pain and hip pressure, too.

As an example, when my son had open-heart surgery, he wasn’t allowed to lay flat until his sternum healed. We initially tried stacking pillows to elevate his back, but they kept slipping out from under him as he slept, so I got him a wedge pillow. He was much more comfortable after that.

The Drive Medical Universal Mattress Cover is a very interesting product.

It’s a nylon mattress cover with wedges built in – essentially surrounding the person in the bed.

In addition to the wedges on the sides, it’s made out of nylon which can be easily wiped clean.

It’s very affordable and fits mattresses that are 34 inches in width and 42 inches in width.

Another product you can use either one or two on the bed is the Fanwer Bed Wedge Pillow.

It can be used in a variety of ways but to help someone from falling out of bed, it can be used on one side or both sides of their body.

I would recommend that in order to help keep these wedges in place that you either fasten them together with large ribbons (like we did with the pool noodles) or place them under the fitted sheet (which probably means you have to use deep pocket fitted sheets)

All in all – bed wedges can be a useful tool for anyone who may have a tendency to fall out of bed.