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Bed Bolsters For Elderly Adults

Bed bolsters are great for use in beds with or without rails. They are tall enough to be a barrier that the sleeper can’t roll over, which reduces the chances the person will fall out of bed. Additionally, bolsters can be used to help keep a side-sleeper from rolling over too far. They also work well as a pad between the person and a hard bed rail.

We like this Posey Soft Rail Double Bolster system. It has flat pad that you place under the sleeper and foam wedges that fit on either side of them.

The wedges don’t move around because they are held in place via a hook and loop that attach to the mattress, ensuring they stay in place.

It also comes with a removable, washable cover.

Bolsters can also be used as a positioning device to make the senior more comfortable if they have back or neck problems.

DIY Bed Bolster – Senior Life Hacks

If you need a bed bolster in a hurry or have to wait until the next paycheck to consider buying them, pool noodles can be used for a temporary solution.

Watch our video to learn how to create your own DIY bed bolsters.

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