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Suction Grab Bars

It may not always be necessary to immediately install wall mounted grab bars (although we do recommend that this is the way to go!).

Sometimes, just using a suction grab bar may be the solution – as long as it’s meant as a temporary solution and if the person using it will not put their full weight on it. Suction grab bars are ONLY meant for support – even their manufacturers state that they should NOT be relied on to stop a fall!

All that being said, here are some suction grab bars that you can look at and consider using.

Note: no tools are required to install any of these grab bars. Suction grab bars can only be used on smooth, flat, non-porous surfaces.

AmeriLuck Suction Grab Bars

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This package comes with two suction grab bars that are 16.5 inches in length.

The handle is textured in order to help the user with a better grip.

Each bar has an indicator light to let you know if the bar has lost some of it’s suction or not.

These suction grab bars come with a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

OXO Good Grip Suction Grab Bar

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These stylish suction grab bars are 13.5 inches in height and are designed in brushed nickel.

The under surface of the bar has a non-slip material to help provide a good grip for the user.

Oasis Suction Grab Bar

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The Oasis grab bar is 12 inches in length. Perfect for smaller areas.

This is a basic bath handle with suction cups making it a very easy installation where needed.

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er Grip

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This grab bar is 16 inches in length and has a textured underside to make it easier to grip.

When placing it on tiles they must be at least 4 inches by 4 inches to accommodate the diameter of the suction cups.

Moen Home Care Suction Grab Bar

This is another 12 inch basic suction grab bar made of plastic and could work well if needed in small spaces.

DMI Shower Grab Bar

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This is a swivel grab bar which can be bent if what is needed is a vertical bar and a horizontal bar. It has a 180 degree swivel mechanism making it very versatile for many spaces.

The full length is 24 inches which if turned provides two grab bars of 6 inches in length.

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