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How To Make A Bathtub Less Slippery (and Showers Too)

Baths are a common way to relax and refresh your body. After all, the word bath comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “to wash or clean.”

However, if you have a senior loved one in your home, then this is not always an option. A slippery tub can cause major problems for seniors with balance issues and those who are just getting up on their feet again after illness or injury.

Slippery bathtubs can cause accidents and injuries. Turning a pleasant and relaxing experience to a possible run to the emergency room or much worse.

Fear not! There are ways (mostly inexpensive) to make that tub safer for them without making it so slippery they won’t want to use it at all.

Here are some recommendations on what you can use to help make your bathtub or shower floor safer.

Shower Tub Mat

Although shower mats do have some downsides (as I mention below) if you want to use a mat I would recommend this Gorilla Grip mat.

This classic mat simply sits at the bottom of your bathtub / shower and grips onto the floor so that it won’t move while you’re on it.

It comes in different colors to match your decor. It’s a simple and inexpensive solution and one that has been around for a long time.

BUT I WOULD CAUTION – that some shower / tub mats don’t adhere to the surface as well as they should and as a result they can end up sliding and actually end up causing an accident.

I have discovered another downside to mats.

  • Moisture and soap scum can get stuck between the mat and floor–it’s nearly impossible not to have some wetness in your bathroom under a shower mat so you need wash it regularly or else risk bacteria, mold, mildew build-up.
  • Another problem with these mats is that the suction cups can be difficult to clean and getting into every nook-and-cranny requires more effort than one would expect.

Secopad Bathtub Stickers

You can also go a little old school and use these flower shaped stickers that you can place on the floor of your bathtub / shower.

This set comes with 4 but I would recommend to use at least 8 to make sure the floor is as safe as possible.

Modern Adhesive Stickers

Or, you can go a bit modern with these adhesive stickers. This set comes with 21 pieces that you can place in your own pattern on your bathtub or shower floor.

Again, if you feel you need more to cover the entire floor, I would strongly recommend to purchase 2 sets. It’s a small price to pay for staying safe.

There are many different varieties of adhesive stickers that you can choose from.

Clear Adhesive Strips

Yet, another simple solution if you want to avoid any type of design are these clear adhesive strips that you can place individually.

This set comes with 12 pieces but again, I would recommend to purchase 2 sets and place them throughout the entire floor area of your bathtub / shower.

All of these are very inexpensive solutions to making your bathtub or shower floor less slippery and safer for you and your loved ones.

There are more designs and options available and you can see them here.

There are many ways to keep your bathroom floor safe, but not everything works. Consider every product and method you can find that will best fit all of the needs in your home.

When you finally have it narrowed down to one great solution, there’s nothing left for anyone in your household or guest list fear about slipping on the floors when they use the restroom!

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