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Senior Friendly Shower Heads

We are fortunate these days to have a variety of shower heads available that make the process of taking a shower much easier for anyone who has mobility issues or other physical disabilities.

As I said in my article about senior friendly showers, my mother truly loved the hand held shower head that we bought for her. It gave her the independence she wanted (along with her shower chair) and at the end of the day, most seniors want that.

The reason we chose this one is mostly because of two features:

  • It has a separate wall mount
  • It has a pause switch on the handle

Benefits of The Separate Wall Mount

The main benefit of a separate wall mount for the shower head is that it can be placed within easy reach of the person using it. And if your senior loved one is using a shower chair or bench, then it makes perfect sense to have the shower head within their reach.

This particular shower head comes with an extra long 6 foot long flexible stainless steel hose which made it super convenient to be able to place it in many spots on the shower wall.

A second benefit is that it can be positioned and angled in such a way so that the water from the shower head is falling on their body and not necessarily on their head!

The Pause Switch

The HotelSpa hand held shower head also came with a pause switch. It was an easy way for my mother to turn the water on and off without having to reach forward to do that. In addition, the pause switch on this particular model comes with an extra bonus…

It also has an important safety feature required by U.S. law but not offered by many off-brands: the Pause mode reduces flow to a trickle instead off complete shutoff. This prevents the buildup of water pressure and hot temperature to protect you from bursting water lines and scalding.

Quote from Amazon product description

These two features mentioned above really sold us on this model and they gave us (and my mother) the peace of mind that her shower time would be as independent and as safe as possible.

But – there ARE other features of this model that didn’t necessarily contribute to the safety factor, but definitely added a little bit of “luxury”.

Bonus Luxury Features

In addition to the “pause mode,” the HotelSpa hand held shower head also comes with 6 additional different water flow options.

  • Power Rain – this setting works very well for rinsing shampoo and conditioner from your hair. It’s a nice strong flow of water without it being too harsh on the skin.
  • Pulsating Massage – my mother’s shoulders were always “sore” after her fall and this feature was a nice and soothing way for her to get a little relief from that pain.
  • Hydrating Mist – this water flow option is mostly used for facials but I can see it being used in drier climates like Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. Since my mother lived in Florida where, let’s face it the humidity makes it feel like you’re living in a shower at all times – this was one water flow mode she didn’t need.
  • Economy Rain – if saving water and saving on your water bill is important – this feature is a great little addition. It gives you the shower that you want with a little less water pressure and saves the amount of water you use.
  • Two Mixed Modes – with this feature you can use a combination of any of the two modes mentioned above to make your own mix and match mode.

All in all, my mother (and us) were very happy with the HotelSpa Hand Shower Convenience Set.

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