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Handicap Toilet Grab Bars

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bathrooms are dangerous places!

The highest rates were for injuries that occurred in or around the tub or shower (65.8 per 100,000) and injuries that happened on or near the toilet (22.5 per 100,000).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

It can be particularly hazardous for an elderly person to sit down or stand up from a commode. This is because seniors often have mobility concerns and weak muscles.

Also, certain medications can cause dizziness or they may have vision problems. In addition, they may be recovering from an injury or a surgery or may trip or slip on a throw rug located near the toilet.

The point is that a toilet grab bar is a MUST in a senior bathroom. Using a grab bar is the safest way for an elder to sit down or stand up from the commode.

*NOTE: if at all possible, we do not recommend that a person who is weak or rehabbing get on or off the toilet with assistance from a caregiver. If the senior loses their balance and falls, they may take the caregiver with them – resulting in two injured people. Or, what if the caregiver moves incorrectly? They might pull a muscle or slip while helping. There are so many scenarios where both people could be injured!

Toilet Grab Bars – Amazon

Two of the most important things a grab bar must do is be stable and be able to hold the user’s weight without bending or tipping under their weight or movements.

The is ADA compliant and supports someone up to 300 pounds. For someone who weighs more than this, we recommend installing a traditional grab bar.

This Moen toilet grab bar mounts to the wall by the toilet so it won’t tip or bend under the user’s weight, which is great. That means it is a permanent installation, however. It’s not portable like a toilet safety frame, so you can’t move it from one house to another – like if the senior is visiting someone in another home, for example.

The Moen grab bar is made of stainless steel, so it shouldn’t corrode in the humidity you find in bathrooms. It also flips up and out the way, which helps if it is being used in a small bathroom or if the toilet is in a tight space within the bathroom.

The grab bar is 30 inches long and comes in a white finish or a stainless finish. IT also features a limited lifetime warranty.

Placement Of Grab Bars Around The Toilet

In general, you should mount a grab bar to the studs located in the walls next to or behind the toilet. The Moen grab bar does come with “secure mount anchors”, however, in case you cannot locate a stud.

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