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Bathtub Lifts For Elderly Adults

If you are a senior and/or are caring for an older adult who enjoys taking a bath and are finding it difficult to get in and out of standard bathtubs you may be considering getting a walk in tub.

That is certainly an option and it may work very well for you but let’s be honest, that requires quite an expense and a bit of construction.

There is another alternative – bathtub lifts

What Are Bathtub Lifts?

A bathtub lift product is a seated medical device that fits inside a bathtub and is used to mechanically lower and raise the person sitting on it. For many older adults, it’s one of those mobility products that makes life easier and safer.

This device makes it easier and safer for an individual who may otherwise have difficulty getting in and out of a bathtub. It’s ease of use is a great benefit.

Tub lifts typically have suction cups on the base, which attach to the bottom of the tub and provide stability for the lift.

There are a few different types and styles of bathtub lifts available. You can see an array of them by clicking here.

These lifts use a battery pack which requires re-charging every now and then and they all have a high back for comfort and safety.

The one we would recommend is the Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift shown here.

Drive Medical Whisper

Here are some facts about this bathtub lift chair:

  • Bathtub lifts can support a person who weighs up to 300 pounds.
  • The hand control remote has just a few large bright buttons to make it easier to control.
  • Seat Dimensions: 16.54″(D) x 13.7″(W) x 2.3″ 18.8″(H). You want to make sure that the seat width will be comfortable enough for you.
  • Back of Chair Height: 25.1″. This should be high enough for most adults to provide a comfortable head rest.
  • Base Width: 22″
  • Backrest Recline: 140 Degrees
  • The bath lift chair will NOT lower you into the bathtub if it does not have enough power to get you back up.
  • When it’s completely lowered you are sitting 2.5 to 3 inches above the bathtub floor.

Here is a video by the manufacturer showing you how it’s used.