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Products That Make Bathrooms Safer For The Elderly

My mother’s biggest fear, as she grew older and more frail, was the bathroom.  She was convinced that if anything were to happen to her anywhere in her home, it would be in the bathroom.

As an Occupational Therapist I had seen many patients who were in my care because of an incident either in the shower or toilet or elsewhere.  So, I knew that my mother’s concerns were not unfounded.

As her illness progressed and her health declined, my sister and I made a plan to do what we could to help her stay as independent and safe as possible for as long as possible.

And of course, we started with the bathroom.

In this article I will list the products that we ended up buying for her as well as some others that we liked but wouldn’t meet her particular needs.

There are so many products available these days.  Hopefully our experience and research will help you to decide which product to use for your senior loved one.

There are many different kinds of products that we’re going to be talking about here so I’m going to break them up into categories to make it easier for you.