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National Gardening Week 2020

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It’s National Gardening Week! Time to get outside and beautify the space around you or visit a nearby garden (assuming you have access to one this year during the coronavirus pandemic). Being outside in nature has enormous benefits.

Fresh air and sunshine leap to mind, but strolling through a beautiful garden is also calming and can help take your mind off the turbulent times we are going through right now.

What Is National Gardening Week?

National Garden Week (the official name) was founded by National Garden Clubs. In the US, National Gardening Week is the first week of June every year. There is a similar holiday in the UK at the end of April / beginning of May each year.

National Gardening Week is not only a time to celebrate nature, it’s a time to promote awareness of gardening and educate people on how to garden. As any gardener worth their spade will tell you, gardening isn’t as simple as throwing a few plants into dirt and reaping the harvest, so it’s great to have some educational opportunities as part of this week.

To take part in celebrating gardens and gardening, this week you could:

  • visit a botanical garden near you if you are in or near a big city
  • start a vegetable garden with plants from your local home store that are already partially grown
  • plant your own summer garden with colorful annuals like petunias, begonias and other heat-tolerant flowers
  • head over to YouTube and visit some of the world’s most gorgeous gardens virtually
  • start a super easy wildflower garden (see next section).

Easy Wildflowers In Raised Beds

For seniors who really can’t get out to grow vegetables or do a lot of garden care (maybe they are housebound or are physically unable to rake, hoe, or weed), gardening is still possible with raised gardens. And the easiest plants to grow of all (in my opinion) are wildflowers in raised beds.

You can buy raised garden beds that are small enough to fit on a patio, along with a drought-tolerant wildflower seed mix and a bag of dirt.Then, just sprinkle the seeds onto the soil, lightly cover them with some soil, and keep them watered.

Wildflowers grow fast, so it won’t be long before you have a teeny tiny wildflower “meadow” right there on the patio to enjoy all summer long.

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