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33 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

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Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably scrambling to find the perfect gift for your family members.

Sometimes, the best part of Christmas isn’t the gifts we receive, but the joy of giving to others. If you’re scrambling to find a last minute gift for your grandma and grandpa, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Last-minute gifts for grandparents can be tricky, but there are a few fail-proof options that are sure to please. A gift card to their favorite restaurant or store is always a great way to gift for your grandparents.

Or you could put together a basket of their favorite things – think snacks, movies, books, etc.

If you’re really stuck, a nice mug filled with Christmas cookies or a festive mug with their favorite hot drink mix can be a great option.

Just remember, sometimes the most perfect Christmas gift ideas involve spending time with them! Giving the gift of your time can be the best thing your grandparents get!

You can’t give a personalized gift, because that takes time but that doesn’t mean that some of the most thoughtful gifts could be any of these last-minute gift ideas.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s from the heart and your grandparent is sure to love it.

Here are some great last-minute Christmas gift ideas for grandparents that they’re sure to love.

Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements has some wonderful food gift ideas and they can normally deliver them within a day or two, sometimes the very same day. This makes it a perfect last minute gift idea.

Gift Cards

There are all kinds of gift cards that you can give. To their favorite store, restaurant even the grocery store! It may not be some of the most unique gifts, but they can certainly be the most useful.


My late husband used a lot of lotion. He would go through about 2 bottles a month. So one year, for Christmas I bought him 24 bottles of his favorite lotion! It was a great Christmas gift idea!

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The majority of older adults don’t drink enough water. So, why not help to make sure they get enough to drink by gifting this a beautiful and practical water bottle.

Crackers, Etc.

Both my mother and my mom-in-law love crackers and cookies and always have them in the house. So, why not buy them online or head down to the grocery store and get them a nice large supply!

Shoulder Heating Pad

For many older adults, general aches and pains are just part of growing older. So, if your grandparents suffer from these, especially in the neck and shoulder area – gift them this weighted neck and shoulder electric heating pad.

For A Best Friend Grandparent

Is your grandpa or grandma your best friend? Then why not gift them this beautiful frame proclaiming our Besties relationship!

Microwave Safe Steamer

I don’t know about your grandparents, but the ones that I know LOVE to use their microwave for just about everything. Here’s a great steamer bowl that can make it easy and safe to steam vegetables in the microwave.

A Great Microwave Accessory

Older adults’ skin is usually a bit more delicate (and thinner) than their younger counterparts so a hot cup, bowl or plate in the microwave can easily burn them. Here’s a great little gadget that can help to prevent that.

For New Grandparents

First time grandparents deserve some special little momentos like this one.

Gift Them Their Regular Services

Maybe your grandparents go to Walgreens every month, or get a haircut, or get their lawn cut. Why not gift them a month’s worth of services that they regularly use?

Candy Club

If your grandparents have a sweet tooth, then why not gift them a subscription to the Candy Club!

A Cozy Blanket

I love snuggling under a cozy blanket on a cool winter night and I’m sure your grandparents do too! This beautiful Sherpa blanket can help to keep them warm.

Last Minute Christmas Presents For Grandpa

It always seems just a bit more difficult to get a gift for the men in our lives and that includes our grandfathers. And if you are getting something at the last minute, it just means that it’s a little bit harder!

So here are some ideas on what Christmas gifts you can get for your grandpa at the last minute.

Movie Tickets

Either get them online or head out to your local movie theater to get him some movie tickets. Better yet, put them in a card with a promise that you will go with him!

Bass Pro Shop

If your grandpa enjoys sports, then a gift from Bass Pro Shop may be a great present for him under the Christmas tree.

Lowe’s Hardware Store


If your grandfather enjoys tinkering around the house like my husband used to, then he probably spends a great deal of time at either Lowe’s or Home Depot. Anything from these stores, or even a gift certificate can make for a great gift.

For The Golfer

I know an older grandfather who lives and breathes golf! Although it may be difficult to buy him something golf related (probably has everything), how about gifting your grandpa a month of golf lessons or games of golf?

Adult Lego Sets

When I retire, I am going to create a Lego room just so that I can build some of these amazing Lego sets! Believe me, Lego is not just for kids anymore!

Bonsai Starter Kit

If your grandfather always wanted to work on a Bonsai tree, then gift him this starter kit! It’s a great activity to do all year long. Perfect project to de-stress!

Spend Time With Them

gift the gift of your time

Give your grandparents the gift of your time. Do activities with them, schedule a class of ceramics or painting or Tai Chi with them. They will love you for it!

The Gift Of Cocktails

If your grandpa enjoys a late afternoon cocktail, then why not gift him a novelty liquor dispenser like this one? Head on out to the liquor store and get him his favorite drink or drinks of choice.

A Gift For Him And You

I never knew my grandfathers so I missed out on their lives and their life stories. If you have the great luck of growing up with a grandfather, why not encourage him to give you his life story. You will end up seeing him in a brand new way!

If He Loves Grilling

If your grandfather loves to grill then why not gift him this great fun apron to wear when he’s out there working on his craft!

Last Minute Christmas Presents For Grandma

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably left your Christmas shopping until the last minute. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get our loved ones, especially when they seem to have everything they need.

If your grandma is anything like the ones that I know, she loves receiving heartfelt gifts that show how much she means to you. With that in mind, here are a few last minute present ideas that are sure to make her smile this Christmas.

Photo Album

Grandparents (especially grandmothers) love photos and all the memories that go with them. So, get yourself a photo album like this one and pack it full of photos that you know she will love.

For Her and You

You may want to treasure all of your grandmother’s recipes and she would love the fact that you want them. So gift her a recipe book like this so she can write down all her (and your) favorites!

For You And Her

Learning about the lives your grandparents have led can certainly change your perspective about who they are. Learn about your grandmother with this great book.

Knitting Accessories

If your grandma loves to knit or crochet, then why not gift her this wonderful Yarn Totes bag. You can fill it with new supplies from online or head out to your local craft store.

Plants For Grandmas With Green Thumbs

If your grandmother loves plants and to work with plants, they why not give her more than she can nurture? Yes, Amazon does sell live plants!

For The Readers

What I love the most about Kindle readers is that you can size the font to whatever is easiest for you to read. No need for a magnifier! On top of that, you can order a book through Kindle and start reading it within a minute or two.

Sweet Treats

These are the sweetest treats that I have had the pleasure of eating and gifting! The strawberries are large and juicy and the chocolate is just enough to satisfy that chocolate craving. Your grandmother will love them!

Lift Chair

Many older adults have trouble getting up from a chair, especially a comfortable recliner. So why not gift your beautiful grandmother a new Lift Chair!

Digital Frame

Honestly, every grandparent should have a digital frame! It’s such a wonderful way to have a continuous flow of updated photos sent to you from your family!

The Gift Of Getting Things Done

Many grandmothers and older women live alone. So, they need help every now and then with things that need to get done around the house or sometimes just everyday things like running errands, etc. Task Rabbit is a great service to help with all of that.

Whatever you choose, she’s sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

What Can Grandkids Make For Grandparents For Christmas?

If you’re looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, why not try making something yourself? A DIY Christmas gift are always appreciated, and there are plenty of easy projects that even the youngest kids can help with. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A photo album or frame filled with pictures of the grandkids.
  • A homemade card or picture frame decorated with handprints or footprints.
  • A mug or ornament personalized with the grandkids’ names and/or pictures.
  • A batch of homemade cookies, candies, or other treats.
  • Homemade ornaments can be a wonderful traditional gift that you give each year.

Check out all the great ideas here at Reasons To Skip The Housework!

Whatever you make, be sure to put a lot of love into it – that’s what grandparents really cherish most!

Do you have any other great ideas for last minute Christmas gifts for grandparents? Share them in the comments below!

How Can I Make My Grandparents’ Christmas Special?

There are so many ways to make your grandparents’ Christmas special. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Spend time with them. One of the best gifts you can give your grandparents is your time. Plan a visit, go out to lunch or dinner, or just spend an afternoon chatting with them. They’ll love having you around.

2. Give them a gift from the heart. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a gift that comes from the heart will mean the world to your grandparents. Consider making them a homemade card or craft, or giving them a photo album filled with memories.

3. Do something nice for them. Make sure your grandparents are taken care of this holiday season by doing something nice for them. Offer to help with Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, or decorating their home. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

4. Give them a call. If you can’t be with your grandparents in person, pick up the phone and give them a call. They’ll love hearing from you, and it will help them feel connected to you this holiday season.

5. Send a handwritten letter. A handwritten letter is a thoughtful and personal gift that your grandparents will cherish. Take the time to sit down and write out your thoughts and feelings for them. They’ll be touched by your words.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to find the perfect last minute Christmas gift for your grandparents. They deserve the best, and we know you can make them feel special this holiday season.

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