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Nighttime Uber Safety for Older Adults

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Uber is generally considered safe, but it’s important to take precautions. Uber conducts background checks on drivers, and users can review driver ratings and feedback. Additionally, Uber offers features like GPS tracking, anonymous pickup/drop-off, and 24/7 support. However, it’s always wise to verify the driver’s identity, match the car details, and share trip details with someone you trust for added safety. Trust your instincts and prioritize personal safety at all times.

The Uber ridesharing service is becoming more and more popular these days, especially for seniors. This leads to the question of is Uber safe to take alone at night? Especially for women?

With reports of drivers assaulting riders and the growing number of Uber sexual assault lawsuits, women and others who take an Uber alone may wonder if it is safe.

If you are an older female, taking an Uber alone can be a daunting and scary process, but knowing the facts and statistics behind Uber can help you feel safer in your choices.

Is Uber Safe For Senior Women?

I personally use Uber frequently and feel like it is safe for female riders. Being older, I have difficulty driving at night and especially when it’s raining. So taking an Uber to visit a friend or to go out is a perfect alternative for me.

The ride-hailing app provides built-in safety features that gives me peace of mind while riding.

How To Be Safe In An Uber Alone

The following are some of the Uber app safety features:

  • GPS tracking: The app uses GPS satellites to track your location when you are in the car.
  • Share your location: There is a button in the application, called Share Trip Status, that can send your location and Uber information to a friend or loved one. This makes sure someone can track you and see where you are throughout your journey in the Uber. I never get into an Uber without activating this feature.
  • Use the in-app map during the ride: I keep the in-app map on the entire time I’m on the Uber ride that way I can keep an eye on what roads we are taking, how long before we get to the destination and to make sure we are not going somewhere else.
  • Use Uber’s Ridecheck: In the app you’ll notice a Ridecheck feature. If an unexpected stop is detected, a crash, etc. You can immediately notify Uber for help by clicking on this feature.
  • Protect your information: The Uber app makes your information anonymous once you have completed your trip and also when making any contact with your driver.
  • Emergency services: If you feel unsafe at any time during your ride, you can click on the app’s emergency button. It will contact the local police and provide them with your location to tell dispatchers where you are.
  • Provide feedback: After your ride, make sure you provide feedback about your trip. If you felt unsafe, their 24/7 crisis team will contact you to help you.

These are additional safety tips you can take:

  • Request Ride Inside: When scheduling your ride and waiting for the ride to arrive, remain inside. This will keep you from being watched and possibly followed.
  • Screenshot and Share Your Uber Notification: Once your driver accepts your request you will be shown a screen with the driver’s name, car model, color and license plate. Take a snapshot of this screen and share it with a friend or two.
  • Ask the driver his/her name: Before getting in to the car, ask the driver what his/her name is. It should match what you are given on your screen. Of course you can also check the photo that is on your screen but I often find that it’s not easy to match the photo with the driver.
  • Check the car BEFORE getting in it: Make sure you are going to the right car by checking the license plate and the car make and model before approaching the vehicle. If the car does not match the information, do not approach it or get in it for a ride. I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard about women who order an Uber, then just hop into any car that stops near them without checking that it’s their actual Uber car first!!
  • Confirm your name: Ask the driver to confirm the name of the person they are picking up. They may even ask you for your driver’s name to make sure you are the right passenger. This allows you both peace of mind!
  • Be on the phone with someone: It won’t hurt for you to be on the phone or on Facetime with a friend or someone while you are on your Uber ride. Letting the other person know where you are at any given moment can help to make it less likely that the Uber driver will take advantage of you.
  • Sit in the back seat: Choose to sit in the back seat of the car when riding in an Uber. This gives both you and the personal driver space. You can also more safely exit the vehicle outside of traffic if needed in an emergency.
  • Follow your gut: If something feels unsafe about a ride, contact emergency services (911) or end the ride at any time.
  • Going to and from home with Uber: If you don’t want to be dropped off (or picked up for that matter) in front of your home, then walk to another address or public spot.

All of these things can help you to be safe at night in an Uber. You can get where you are going quickly and safely but make sure you are using all the tools at your disposal!

Uber’s Commitment to Passenger Safety: A Look at Their Practices

I personally take Uber often and when I mention that to some of my friends or relatives they usually ask, “Is Uber safe?“. I tell them yes, of course!

But just so that I can tell you, here is some information to help ease your fears.

Keeping Tabs on Uber Drivers: A Proactive Approach

Uber, the global ride-hailing giant, has established a system to monitor its drivers effectively. They have implemented a GPS-based system that tracks the location of the driver’s vehicle during rides. This not only helps in optimizing the routes but also ensures that the driver is adhering to the company’s safety standards.

The Rigorous Screening Process: Ensuring Quality and Safety

Before a driver is allowed to pick up passengers, Uber performs thorough background checks. This includes criminal record checks, driving history, and even character references in some cases.

These checks are necessary to ensure that the drivers are trustworthy and capable, thereby guaranteeing the safety of passengers.

Uber App: A Hub of Safety Features

The Uber app is designed to prioritize passenger safety. One feature is the “Share My Trip” option, which allows riders to share their real-time location with selected contacts.

Furthermore, the app includes an emergency button that quickly connects the user to the local emergency services. It also provides users with the driver’s information, including name, photo, and vehicle details, so riders know exactly who to expect.

Safety First: Navigating Uber Rides with Confidence

Feeling Uncomfortable? Here’s What to Do

If you ever find yourself feeling unsafe during an Uber ride, remember that you can end the ride at any time. You can request the driver to pull over in a safe location, and exit the vehicle.

Afterwards, you should report the incident to Uber through the app, providing as many details as possible to help them take appropriate action.

Self-Protection Measures: Your Role in Ensuring Safety

While Uber takes measures to ensure safety, riders also play a key role. To protect yourself, always verify the driver’s details in the app before getting in the car. Avoid sharing personal details with the driver and always sit in the backseat to maintain personal space.

Of course, always be aware of your surroundings and have a plan in case of an emergency.

Sharing Ride Details: A Simple Step for Added Safety

Before getting into an Uber, you should share your ride details with someone you trust. This includes the driver’s name, vehicle details, and estimated arrival time. The Uber app has a feature that allows you to share this information directly with your contacts.

This way, someone will always know your whereabouts when you’re using Uber.

Can You Request A Female Uber Driver?

At the moment, the application does not allow you to request a Uber female driver. But other ride-sharing apps DO allow you to request women drivers. These include Safr, DriveHer, Shebah, and SheSafe.

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Join our thriving network of 6,685 caregivers and seniors.Granddaughter caring for her grandmother.Learn Expert Safety Tips, About The Latest Trends
And Much More!

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