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Is There A Lyft For Seniors?

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According to statistics, over 45 million people worldwide traveled with the ridesharing service Lyft in 2022 alone. While Lyft may seem like a convenient ride service for seniors for those who can’t easily get around, is there a Lyft service just for seniors?

Lyft works with, a Jitterbug medical alert and phone company, to offer a rideshare service for seniors. They don’t even have to use the app to schedule a ride. Instead, they can go on their Jitterbug phone, press “0”, and an operator will schedule the Lyft.

In this article, we will elaborate more on the partnership between Lyft and, explaining what it is and its benefits.

We’ll also talk about whether older adults can get discounts on their Lyft rides or even use Lyft for free.

What Are Lyft Rides For Senior Citizens?

Lyft is a ridesharing service that began in 2012. As for this writing, it serves Canada (10 cities) and the United States (644 cities and counting).

To get started with Lyft, one only has to download Lyft’s free ride-sharing app.

Then, shortly before you want to ride, go on the app, choose your starting point and give your destination, and select a car. Then, simply sit back wait for the vehicle to arrive.

You do need to be at least 18 years old to use Lyft, but otherwise, no other age restrictions for riders exist.

What about senior customers who want to use Lyft’s on demand transportation?

Depending on their age and working background, older adults aren’t always tech-savvy, so they might not understand today’s smartphones.

That is, if they even own a smartphone in the first place as many seniors would rather stick to less complicated cell phones.

A ride service like Lyft can benefit seniors in many ways, though.

If a senior can no longer drive for health reasons, a rideshare service gives them a way of getting around independently.

They don’t have to call their adult children or a caretaker to take them where they want to go.

Lyft is often cheaper than most cab services as well (we’ll talk more about pricing in the next two sections, so keep reading!).

Lyft For Seniors Without Smartphones

The need to use the Lyft app to schedule rides could present a major hurdle for some seniors. But there are ways around this problem.

  • If you use a Jitterbug phone and the Lively service with your Jitterbug phone you can simply dial “0” on your phone and the operator from Lively will set up your transportation through Lyft for you.
  • If you are signed up with you can call them at 855-464-6872 and request an Uber or Lyft service (amongst other services as well). GoGoGrandparent will connect you with rideshare services, taxis, and other forms of local, private for-fee transportation in your area at no additional charge, and without the use of a cumbersome app or smartphone.
  • A caregiver or family member with a smartphone and a Lyft account can order a ride for their senior loved one.

Does Lyft Offer Senior Discounts?

Through our research, it does not appear that Lyft provides senior discounts. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways you can save with Lyft.

  • Lyft offers a subscription service for riders who take 2 to 3 rides per week. It’s called Lyft Pink and plans start at $9.99 per month. With this subscription the rider receives free priority pickup upgrades, 5% off Standard, Preferred, XL and Lux Lyft rides, as well as other perks.
  • Lyft also reports that their LyftUp program provides, “discounted Lyft car rides to low-income families and seniors heading to and from grocery stores, farmers markets, food pantries, and SNAP benefits appointments.”
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card offers two years of Lyft Pink All Access Service for free.
  • Lyft shared rides can accommodate up to 2 people who essentially share a ride to their locations.
  • Avoid peak hours and holidays when the price of rides can go up. Peak hours are usually around rush time, morning and evening.

Lyft has several types of rides:

  • There are standard Lyft rides for one or two passengers.
  • If you’ have more than two and up to five other people with you, then you need a Lyft Plus.’re in a hurry, you can get a Priority Pickup upgrade
  • If a group is larger than four people, Lyft XL vehicles offer even more room, but at a higher rate.
  • Lyft even rents cars (and bikes and scooters!).

Fares for Lyft rides change depending on the type of car, demand for rides at the time of pickup, where you are located and where you will need to be dropped off.

Here’s a link to Lyft’s calculator to get an estimate of what your ride will cost you.

Now, keep in mind, those starting costs are just that.

They’re rarely what you ultimately pay. The price can change depending on the type of vehicle you request.

The time of day you choose to ride also matters.

For all Lyft rides, the price increases as the demand for rides increases.

If you book a ride during Prime Time (for example: during rush hour or after a sporting event gets out in your area), your fare could be considerably higher.

While it’s customary to tip Lyft drivers, if a senior used the service to set up the ride, there is no need for tipping or carrying cash for the ride.

Lively will simply add the cost of your ride to your next month’s Lively bill.

Can Seniors Get Free Rides Through Lyft?

Lyft does not offer free rides, per se, but since a senior wouldn’t use the Lyft app to schedule the ride, it would come across looking like it was free, at least initially.

Do keep in mind what we said before: all Lyft rides show up on the Lively phone bill. There’s no such thing as a totally free ride unless Lyft is offering a promotional deal.

For instance, those new to the service can input a promo code to earn themselves a $5.00 credit off their first Lyft ride.

Lyft will currently also gives a referral discount if you refer a ride to them who uses their service (2023). Check to see current discounts and promotions by clicking here.

How To Order Lyft For Seniors Without A Smartphone

What if a senior doesn’t have a smartphone? Can they still get a Lyft ride around town? Yes, absolutely.

As we mentioned earlier, the Jitterbug Flip phone using the service is available.

The Jitterbug Flip includes a magnifier and flashlight, voice dialing, a bright screen, and large buttons that are very easy to push. The menu is simplified, and there’s even a 8 megapixel camera.

Additionally, the 5Star emergency button gives the senior one-touch access to IAED-certified agents for medical or emergency services, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

It also has powerful speakers and has the highest hearing aid compatibility rating (M4/T4) . This means that seniors who use hearing aids can rest assured they’ll be able to hear the person on the other end.

There are no contracts and no cancellation fees with Calling plans are flexible and start around as low as $19.99 per month.

If you have a Jitterbug phone but are not signed up with – click here to view their website for more information or call them at 866-359-5606.

Is Lyft Safe For Seniors?

Ridesharing services have their concerns, but Lyft is generally safe for seniors to use.

Their drivers must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid, current driver’s license.

They also must have a minimum of one year of driving experience and are required to carry current insurance.

All drivers are screened before they are permitted to drive for the company.

This is done through both DMV checks of their driving record and background checks via a third party.

These background check include a nationwide criminal search, social security number trace, sex offender registry search and a search of the county court records.

Lyft has a no smoking policy for drivers, as well as a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use.

The driver’s vehicle must have four doors (not including a hatch or jump door). It must meet a minimum age and condition.

It is also subjected to the same safety standards that cities and states require (for example: having seat belts).

One of the most important things a senior can do when using any ride share service is to be certain they are getting into the correct car!

When they book a Lyft (or other ride sharing company), the senior should be given the driver’s name. They will also get a description of the car that will be picking them up (color, make and model), as well as the car’s license plate number.

No one should ever get into a car without first checking that it is actually the one that was sent by the company.

If the car and license plate number match, the senior should still ask the driver for their name, and can also ask who the driver is looking for and what the destination will be.

This way, they are double-checking that the correct person is picking them up.

Companies That Also Offer Ridesharing For Seniors

Besides Lyft, you might be inclined to give these other ride services for seniors a try:

  • Uber (yes, they have uber for seniors)
  • National Volunteer Transportation Center or NVTC
  • SilverRide (only available in San Francisco Bay area, Louisville, Orlando, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orange County, and Kansas City)
  • WingZ (available in certain cities in Texas, California, Arizona, Oregon, Florida and Washington state)
  • GoGoGrandparent (NOTE: this is a concierge service that will schedule a Lyft or Uber ride for the senior – it is NOT an actual rideshare service provider).
  • Arrive (this is also a concierge service and is only available in certain cities)

Which Is Better For Seniors: Uber Or Lyft?

While Lyft has been the focus of this article, as you can see it’s not the only major ridesharing service in town. Uber, its fierce rival, presents viable competition.

Lyft uses, Uber has partnered with a concierge service that will arrange transportation, called RideWith24. There are two downsides to this service, though.

For one, only seniors in California and Arizona can take advantage of RideWith24.

Also, rather than push zero, RideWith24 requires you to dial a whole phone number to schedule a ride. That number is 1-833-743-3924.

It’s toll-free, but it’s still inconvenient compared to using to schedule a Lyft.

RideWith24 does have operators at the ready. However, rather than charging the ride to a phone bill like does, you will need to have your credit card ready to book an Uber trip.

Some seniors might not have credit cards. If they do, perhaps they are fearful of having their number stolen or may not have them handy all the time.

Either way, using RideWith24 presents one difficulty after another that a senior has to overcome in order to get an Uber ride. They might as well download the Uber app and contend with that.

Keep in mind that Uber does allow senior centers to arrange rides through UberCentral, but this is strictly for use by facilities, not individuals.

Uber also has a provision whereby a friend or relative can arrange for an Uber pick up for a senior, so that an elder without a smartphone can still get a ride.

However, this is still complicated because they have to call the relative, the relative has to get on their Uber app and plug in the information, then get back to the senior to tell them which car to expect, etc.

For the above reasons, we have to recommend Lyft over Uber for seniors.

Their partnership with makes Lyft a convenient, viable solution for seniors who want to get out of the house but aren’t necessarily tech-savvy.

You don’t need a smartphone to book a Lyft ride, nor do you need to remember a phone number or have your credit card number in front of you.

With the two services very similar to each other, it’s surprising that Uber would make senior ridesharing as difficult as they have.


Not every senior has access to a car, and some can no longer drive. Instead of asking caretakers or family members to cart them around, seniors can maintain a degree of independence with a ridesharing service.

While several services permeate the market, we recommend Lyft above all. Their current partnership with, a part of Jitterbug, makes it easier than ever to get a senior-accessible phone for making calls.

If you have more questions about how Lyft calculates rides and the many details that go into how Lyft operates, check out

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lyft for seniors phone number?

Unfortunately, there is no direct phone number to call Lyft for transportation. You either have to request a ride through the Lyft app, go onto the web at, or have someone with an app or access to the internet arrange for the ride for you.

Can I pay Lyft with cash?

You can pay Lyft with cash, but you’ll have to have the Lyft app on your phone in order to do this. You’ll also have to submit your ID the first time you add cash. In addition, you’ll have to add the cash to your app by going to one of the locations that partners with Lyft and then adding the funds via the location’s cashier, after showing your barcode.

How much do you tip a Lyft driver?

According to an article on, you “should tip Uber and Lyft drivers between 10 and 20 percent based on quality of service. You should use a set tip of $4-$6 for rideshare delivery.” That said, for senior citizens who order a Lyft ride through the Lively Senior Ride service, no tipping is required.

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