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Home Delivery Services For Seniors

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These days, because of Covid-19, there are more people using home delivery services – especially seniors.  Even my sweet 98 year old mom-in-law is using Instacart to get her groceries delivered to her condo in South Florida.

And yes, the majority of home delivery services are food related but as this pandemic continues to prevail (it seems it will last for many, many more months) there are a plethora of companies that are providing home delivery services for all types of things.

Such as…

  • Food from grocery stores by Instacart or ShipT
  • Food from restaurants by Grubhub or Postmates
  • Food from online companies by Freshley or Purple Carrot
  • Liquor and party supplies by Drizly and Saucey
  • Clothing by Stitch Fix and Gwynnie Bee
  • Medicine by PillPack and ZipDrug
  • Errands and handyman services by TaskRabbit
  • Auto maintenance by Mobileoilchanges (only in NC)

How Can I Get Food Delivered To The Elderly?

There are multiple ways that seniors or their caregivers can get food delivered right to their front door (or back door if that’s better).

  1. Grocery delivery – these days companies like Instacart and ShipT can do the shopping for you and bring your groceries to your door. I personally use ShipT and have had a very good experience with them. The beauty of these programs is that they shop the local stores in your area so it’s not as if they are tied to a specific store, which is great.
  2. Restaurant food delivery – there are of course restaurants that deliver but there are also services that can pick up your food orders from restaurants and deliver them to you as well. Companies such as GrubHub and Postmates. These are great if you want to get food from specific restaurants that may not offer their own deliver services.
  3. Ready Made or Ready To Cook Meals delivery – There are many new companies that provide ready made meals or kits with all the ingredients you need to prepare a meal. Companies such as Freshly and Purple Carrot, just to name two of them.
    Another company specifically for seniors is Silver Cuisine which caters to the special diets that many older adults follow.

How Can I Have Alcohol Delivered?

But what if you enjoy a glass of wine or a martini with dinner? Can you get alcohol delivered? Yes, you can! There are two companies that I found that can provide that service.

  1. Drizly – like any other online service you put in your order online for beer, wine and/or liquor (as well as some extras) and the order will come to you. They are available in many areas throughout the USA and in Alberta, Canada but they are certainly not available everywhere. You can see a list of the cities and states that they are servicing here.
  2. Saucey – another online liquor deliver service that again has a limited geography within the USA. They provide a list of locations they service at the bottom of their website

Overall, if you happen to live in the cities that are serviced by either one of these companies – then you are fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of this service, if you need it.

Clothing Delivery Services

Since it seems that we won’t be going into malls and shopping stores with any frequency anytime soon – then going online is another option for getting clothing, underwear, shoes, etc. Of course these items can be purchased online via Amazon or Modcloth, and many others. But there are also some specific types of services that provide not just clothing, but personal styling as well.

And I admit, for some seniors, this will be odd because they have never done it but it’s certainly an option if some type of clothing is needed.

There are two services that I found that you may find useful:

  1. StitchFix – this is billed as a personal styling service that provides clothing for maternity, petite, plus sizes, etc. It has received many wonderful reviews and it can certainly be an option for anyone who wants to shop online with the aid of a personal styler!
  2. Gwynnie Bee – this company provides clothing for women sizes 0 to 32 and it’s a clothing rental service! This means that you can wear the clothing for as long as you like and then when you don’t want it any longer – you simply ship it back to them!

Medicine Delivery For Elderly

Yes, your local pharmacy such as Walgreens or CVS (at least here in the USA) do deliver medications so if you have your prescriptions already there, with them, then I would encourage you to sign up and use their delivery services.

But – there are also other options available to you. The two that I found are:

  1. Amazon’s PillPack – the unique thing about PillPack is that you get your medications delivered in individual packets according to when they need to be taken. So, you would receive packets of the medications that you need to take at 8:00 am and then other packets with the meds you need to take at 6:00 pm (as an example). I very much like this concept because it eliminates any guesswork which is great for seniors who may have some cognitive deficits.
  2. ZipDrug – the concept behind ZipDrug is that they connect their users to the “highest quality and lowest cost local pharmacies that deliver directly to patients at home.” It’s similar to companies such as Instacart and ShipT except it’s specifically for bringing medications to patients from pharmacies.
  3. – is an online Canadian pharmacy that allows you to order online by phone by mail or even by fax. Because it’s a Canadian pharmacy your medications may cost much less than they do here in the USA.

Other Home Delivery Services

There are also some other unique home delivery services for other products and services. Here are three that I found that I thought would be useful for homebound seniors.

  1. TaskRabbit – this unique company has an army of independent contractors who can provide a variety of services such as running errands, help with moving, assembling furniture, cleaning and much more. For older adults and their caregivers, this type of company could be a great resource.
  2. – there is a service that I found in North Carolina that will do some auto maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, multi-point inspections, etc. wherever your car is located. So, you don’t have to bring it in to the shop! Unfortunately it’s currently only in NC but perhaps in today’s and future economy this type of service will grow to other locations.

There is no doubt that home delivery services are going to be a larger part of our daily lives for a good length of time as the world moves through this current pandemic so I do encourage you to look at these and others that may be in your specific area.

I use home delivery services quite often and have for many years and it does make life easier and these days, it can also make life safer.

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