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28 Simple Hacks To Make Life Easier For Older Adults

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Life Hacks is described as “…any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.” (Wikipedia)

There are many different ways that tasks and activities can be made to be safer and easier for senior citizens in their own home.  The important thing for senior adults and family members to remember is that the hack be easy to use.

Here is our list of recommendations!


28 Life Hacks For Older Adults

Below are 28 general recommendations and lots of products that can help to improve the quality of life for many older adults and help to make everyday tasks easier and safer. A little tip can go a long way to give you some peace of mind!

A note for family members and close friends – many of the products we recommend below can make for a great gift!

1. Reaching For Items

It’s not always easy for seniors to reach for items placed far into cabinets or the refrigerator. Using a Lazy Susan turntable can help to bring those items to the front, making it much easier and safer to reach.

Also, reaching for items on the ground can be troublesome if you don’t have good balance. In these instances, a Reacher (aka Grabber) can be the safest and best way to retrieve these items.

2. Making Furniture Senior Friendly

My mother had a massive square coffee table that she bumped into several times. At 88 years old, her skin was thin and bruised easily and I can tell you these bruises took many weeks to subside.

Our solution was to use Corner Guards on that coffee table and any furniture she had with sharp corners.

Another option is to use Moldable Glue (putty) to soften those corners. This may not look as nice as corner guards but it would be less expensive.

3. An Easier Way To Use A Straw To Drink

If you use a straw to drink your liquids, here are some easy ways that you can keep that straw in place.

  • Use straw cups for your drinks – there’s a huge variety available
  • If drinking out of a pop top can – turn the pop tab around so it’s over the open hole and place the straw inside the pop tab.
  • Add a straw clip to your glass which can hold the straw in place nicely.
  • Use Glad’s Press’n Seal to cover your glass. Then puncture a small hole in the top to put the straw through.
  • Instead of using glassware – use these Glass Mason Jars that have a hole in the lids for straws. Or, if you are handy you can drill a hole in your own Mason Jar lids!

4. Holding Glassware

If holding a glass is difficult you can place rubber bands around the glass to make it less slippery. Such an easy and simple life hack!

Or, another good option is to purchase any of these silicone sleeves for your glasses.

5. Feeling May Be Better Than Seeing

Raised stickers work great for older adults who may have vision problems or have trouble feeling the small buttons on a remote control device or phone, etc.

In addition – if it makes sense you can paint these stickers with a bright colored nail polish.

6. Getting A Better Grip

If holding smaller objects like pens or toothbrushes is difficult – wrapping rubber bands around the handle may also help. Another good thing would be to purchase these Foam Grips which may be a bit more comfortable.

7. A Little Shower Safety

If you use a bar of soap in the bath or shower then you probably know how easy it is for that to slip out of your hands which then forces you to bend over to retrieve it. This can result in a fall and injury so try any of the following:

  • Put the bar of soap in the foot of panty hose. Cut the panty hose so that it’s knotted and manageable.
  • But I would recommend to use liquid soap instead and place that in a wall mounted dispenser. This is a great way to keep your shower organized and eliminate the need for a bar of soap.
  • You can use any of the Soap on a Rope products available.
  • Of course – we strongly recommend grab bars in your shower and bathtub area.

8. For Button Wearers

If you have a tough time manipulating buttons on a daily basis then I would recommend purchasing a button hook. I always recommended these to my patients who had arthritic hands or were only able to use one hand due to a stroke or other injury.

The good news is that you can also make your own button hook by attaching a paper clip or bent wire to a cork or other object. Here are some ideas for you.

And here’s a video showing you how button hooks are used.

9. Pills, Pills And More Pills

It seems the older we get, the more pills we have to take. Remembering what to take when can be difficult for some so here are some hacks to help.

  • I love this useful life hack. Use any product with compartments like an egg carton can be used to store and separate medications.
  • Pill organizers are great, especially if you travel and need your medications with you.
  • Amazon’s Pill Pack program does all the hard work for you.

10. Cleaning Duties

Just because we get older doesn’t mean that we can ignore the daily activities of house cleaning – but there are ways that older people can make these tasks easier.

Getting down on your knees to clean a bathtub can be difficult for most anyone – but especially for older adults. So, what can you do to make it easier and safer?

But the trouble with these is that the handles are long, which eliminates the need to bend over and over reach. But this also makes it difficult to apply a good amount of pressure that is sometimes needed to clean that bathtub.

So, I would recommend to use Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner first which can cut through the grime and leave you without having to scrub a dub dub that tub.

11. Senior Computer Nerds

You don’t have to struggle to see the keys on a computer keyboard – there ARE large print keyboards available that can make all your computer activities much easier to accomplish.

I would recommend the Boogiio Large Print Computer Keyboard with the yellow keys and black letters. The high contrast of the yellow keys and the large letters makes it much easier to see and use for many individuals with low vision.

A large print password book can come in handy, too.

12. A Few Smartphone Camera Tricks

Most seniors these days have smartphones with a camera and they can use them for much more than just calling and sending a text message. Here are some ways you can improve your daily life with your smartphone camera.

  • Use the camera on your smartphone to take a photo of your parking spot and/or nearby landmark to help remind you where you parked your car
  • If and when you lend something to someone – take a photo of them holding that something so that you can remember who you lent it to
  • If you have to use a username/password on another computer – take a photo of that written information so you don’t have to re-write it again
  • If you’re watching a commercial for something that you are interested in – take a photo of the commercial to remind you to look for it when you go to the store or when you are ready to order it online
  • Take a photo of your medications, vitamins and supplements to show your doctor when you go for your annual physical. Also works when you are picking up some medication at the pharmacy.

13. Car Safety

I remember living in South Florida and during the many (too many) hot days – getting in the car and having to handle the steering wheel and shift was unpleasant to say the least. I would always cover everything with a towel beforehand.

But, there are some better ways to keep your hands from scalding.

14. Tricks To Make Items More Visible

Bright red nail polish is perfect to use on anything that you may have trouble seeing or feeling. Things like…

  • Smart phone
  • Remote control
  • Computer keyboard
  • Computer mouse
  • Small bottles of spices
  • Small bottles of medication

15. Weak Hands

If your hands don’t have the strength they used to – and you have trouble squeezing lemons and limes – use a kitchen tong like this one to do the job. It’s an easy life hack that doesn’t cost much.

16. Night Time Driving

Driving at night can be difficult for many seniors (I know it’s hard for me) and you want to take advantage of your headlights to work well for you. So keeping them clean and bright is important.

You can easily clean them by rubbing toothpaste on them and then buffing it off.

17. Struggling To Open Jars

If you have some hand strength but find it a bit difficult to open jars. using a pair of rubber gloves can help to make it easier. But, if you have poor hand strength, then an assistive device would be what you need to open those pesky jars.

We can recommend two – the Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener and the Black and Decker Jar Opener.

Here’s a video of my 98 year old mom-in-law using her Black and Decker!

18. Hunting For The Television Remote

If you’re always searching for your television remote(s) – here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Attach Velcro to your remote(s) and to an end table or coffee table that is conveniently located to your seating area.
  • Purchase any of these great remote organizers

19. Lost And Found

I am forever losing my keys – but then I got these wonderful Item Locators by Tile Pro and life has been a bit easier! It coordinates with an app on your smartphone to basically GPS where your keys are!

20. Which Key Goes To What?

If you have multiple keys on your key chain and you sometimes get them mixed up – you can color code them with nail polish and also color code where they go as well.

21. Keep Your Car Doors Dent Free (or at least try)

If your garage isn’t as wide as you would like it to be and you keep hitting your car door against your garage wall – then why not cut a large pool noodle and attach it to your wall. This acts as a bumper and it works great.

22. Don’t Trip Over Cords

Keep extension cords tucked away with a Floor Cord Management Kit. This helps to conceal the cord so that you don’t trip over it and possibly fall and injure yourself.

23. For The Love Of Our Pets

If reaching down to the ground is too difficult for you or it simply throws you off balance – be safe and either raise your pet’s food and water bowls up (if they can still reach them safely and comfortably) or use the ReachaBowl Pet Feeder.

This has a pole attached to the feeder which you can then use to lift the bowls up from the ground easily and safely.

24. A Little Help From Your Pharmacist

Did you know that you can ask your pharmacist to NOT use childproof caps on your medication bottles? Of course – this is only recommended if you do not have children in your home.

25. Making Zippers Senior Friendly

Put a key ring on your zipper – this should make it easier for you to pull your zipper up and down.

26. Trips To The Grocery Store

If getting to the grocery store (or anywhere) is difficult because of the weather or anything else, then consider ordering your items online and having them delivered. They will bring them right to your front door!

27. Cell Phone Apps

These days – a cell phone is much more than just an accessory. It’s slowly becoming a necessity. There are many wonderful apps that seniors can use to make their lives easier and safer.

28. Carrying Items

There are many times we have to carry something from one part of the house to another. It could be a glass of water, a bowl of fruit, a remote controls, etc.

But using a walker or a cane or having a weakened hand grip can make these simple tasks difficult and sometimes dangerous. Any of the following products can help.

  • Walker trays – there are a variety of trays and pockets that can help older adults carry items throughout the house.
  • Fanny packs – years ago the fanny pack became a part of our lives and it’s still around. It’s a great way to carry your keys, cell phone, small pad, pencil, etc.
  • Aprons – wearing an apron with pockets is also another excellent way to carry small items, tools, etc. throughout the house.

Robin Schiltz, C.D.S.robin

For more tips on how to make a house senior friendly.


You’re never too old, or young, to learn new tricks! This list of simple tips is perfect for anyone who wants help optimizing their home and everyday activities. Here’s what you’ll find in this post: great ways to save time, how to minimize the risk of falls, and more.

We hope these simple hacks will help you feel less stressed out about your day-to-day routines as an adult living at home. Let us know if there are any other topics that should be added here! And don’t forget – we love hearing from our readers so please leave feedback on anything that can be improved!

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