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Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL)

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) refer to the tasks that people do to take care of themselves and manage their homes and families. They are similar to ADLs, but are more complex.

These activities are not essential for survival, but they are important for maintaining independence and quality of life.

IADLs include things like budgeting and managing finances, choosing and preparing meals, selecting what clothes to wear, doing housework, or the laundry, using transportation, shopping, using technology, and caring for pets. For people with disabilities or chronic health conditions, these activities can be challenging or even impossible to do without assistance.

Because we need to think and plan for these activities, IADLs are not required for functional living. Instead, they make our quality of life better.

There are many products and services available to help people with IADLs, including in-home care services, assistive technology, and adaptive equipment.

Why Are IADLs Important For Seniors?

Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are important for seniors to maintain their independence. Many of these activities are things that most people take for granted, but they can be very difficult for seniors.

Seniors who can no longer perform IADLs often have to rely on others for help. This can be very difficult for them, as it can be a loss of independence.

Additionally, it can be costly to hire someone to help with IADLs.

In some cases, it may even mean having to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility.

IADLs are important not only for the seniors themselves, but also for their families.

When a senior can no longer perform IADLs, it often falls on the family to provide care. This can be very difficult, as it can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. Additionally, it can be costly to hire someone to help with IADLs.

There are many ways to help seniors maintain their independence with IADLs.

One way is to provide assistance with tasks that are difficult for them. This might include things like cooking meals or doing laundry for the senior.

Another way is to make sure that the home is safe and easy to navigate. Removing trip hazards or installing handrails in the bathroom are examples.

Finally, it is important to encourage seniors to stay active and engaged. This might mean helping them to find social activities or providing transportation to appointments.

What Are Some Helpful Resources For Further Information On IADLs?

There are a variety of resources available to help people with IADL needs.

The American Occupational Therapy Association website provides information on IADLs, including definition and purpose, as well as links to resources for occupational therapists working with clients with IADL needs.

There are also a variety of products available to help people with IADL needs. The following is a list of some products that may be helpful:

– Reacher / grabbers: These devices can help people with limited mobility reach items that are out of their reach.

– Gripaids: These devices can help people with weakened grip strength hold onto items more securely.

– Long-handled tools: These can help people with limited mobility perform tasks such as gardening or cleaning.

– Adaptive clothing: This type of clothing has such things as snaps instead of buttons, elastic, open backs, and other features that can make it easier for people with physical impairments to dress themselves.

– Assistive technology: There is a wide range of assistive technology devices available that can help people with IADLs. Some examples include medical alerts, adaptive computer software, voice-activated controls and specialized telephones.

If you or someone you know is struggling with IADLs, there are many products available that can help make life easier. Talk to your doctor or a rehabilitation specialist to find out which products would be most helpful for your specific needs.

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