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Fun Things For Seniors To Do

There are many fun things that seniors can do and families can do with their senior loved ones.  The key is to do activities that are of interest and are not too stressful or complicated.

Many older adults will give up on an activity if they discover that they simply cannot do it (like working on a computer).

Indoor Activities

Here is a list of some indoor activities that you can enjoy as a senior and/or with an elderly loved one.

  • Movies and Shows – these days there is a huge plethora of ways to watch movies.  Cable television, subscription services like Netflix or Hulu, free services like Crackle and Tubi and of course Youtube which offers a huge array of free movies.
  • Books and Magazines – an old neighbor of mine would read one book a month and his daughter would read the same book that same month.  Then at the end of the month they would have their very own private “book club” to discuss what they thought of the book, what they learned and of course, what the next book should be!
  • Connecting With Others – picking up the phone to call at least one person a day is important to keep in touch.  But you can also do video chats, use Amazon’s Echo Show, Facetime, etc.
  • Online Courses – you don’t have to get in the car and go to a class anymore.  More and more colleges are going online (even before Covid-19 shut many down).  It’s a wonderful way to keep your mind sharp and to keep on learning!
  • Games and Puzzles – you can finally take the time to learn how to play chess!  Or better yet, challenge yourself with a 3D puzzle or any one of those amazing Lego projects!
  • Cooking and Baking – there are plenty of Youtube channels that you can access that will teach you how to cook just about anything.  Learn to make your own pizza or pasta.  Learn how to properly frost and/or decorate a cake.

Outdoor Activities

There are also activities that you can do outdoors – just be careful of the terrain.  You want the ground to be flat enough to help prevent any falls or injuries.

  • Gardening – there are so many ways that gardening can be made easier and safer for seniors and if you get into vegetable gardening – that can contribute to any cooking lessons you take!
  • Walking – this is such a wonderful exercise for anyone of any age.  Take advantage of it for as long as you can.
  • Biking – whether you can use a 2 wheel or a 3 wheel (I personally recommend 3 wheels for older adults) – if you have a safe place to go biking – I highly encourage it.
  • Bird Watching – there are many large organizations focused on bird watching activities.  In addition – you can create your own bird garden in your backyard as well.
  • Photography – my late husband was a wonderful photographer.  This is such a great hobby because it’s something you can do anywhere, it can lead you to go to places you may have never though of going and once the photos are taken, you can use your creative instincts to edit them and turn them into beautiful artwork.

There are SO many more activities – you can check out this article to find our extensive list of activities for seniors and with seniors.

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