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Can Alexa Give Daily Reminders?

Alexa is a wonderful tool for daily reminders!  You can set it up for multiple reminders which is very helpful if you take medications throughout the day or if you simply need reminders for several events during the day.

There are 3 ways that you can use Alexa to remind you of daily events and/or tasks.

  1. You can set them up on your calendar and then choose the option in the Alexa app to have those calendar events automatically read out to you at the time of the event
  2. You can set up Reminders directly on your Alexa device
  3. You can set up Reminders through the Alexa app on your phone

How Do I Set Up Reminders On Alexa?

  • When you set up your calendar you can choose the option to have it give you notifications automatically.  Instructions on how to set up your calendar are here.
  • OR you simply set up Reminders directly on your Alexa device by saying something like “Alexa, remind me to take my heart medicine at 3 pm every day.”
  • OR you can set this skill up from the Alexa app on your phone
    • Open the Alexa app on your phone
    • Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner (the 3 short horizontal lines)
    • In the dropdown box tap on “Reminders & Alarms”
    • You’ll then see the option to choose from setting up an Alarm, a Reminder and/or Timers
    • Tap on Reminders
    • You’ll then have the option to Add Reminder
    • Once you tap on the plus sign to add your reminder follow the prompts for choosing your time, etc.

Once your reminders are set up, you can also ask “Alexa, what are my reminders?” to get a list of the ones that you have already set up.

How Do I Set A Daily Reminder On Alexa?

Reminders can be set up as often as needed – hourly, daily, every 20 days (as an example), etc.   And you can do this with any of the 3 methods listed above.

But, having said that, there is one type of reminder that you can only set up with your calendar.  That is if you want to be reminded of something on a specific day each month.  For example, if you wanted to be reminded on the 15th of every month to pay a bill, then you would have to set that up on your calendar.

Can Alexa Do Monthly Reminders?

Amazingly – you CAN set up monthly reminders using your Alexa product but I would recommend to do it through your calendar because setting it up via your Alexa device or the Alexa app on your phone is limited.

What I mean is that you can ask Alexa to repeat an event but only by the number of days (i.e. every 25 days).  But you cannot ask Alexa to repeat the reminder on the 15th of every month (as an example).

So, for that reason, if you need to set a reminder for a specific date each month then set it up on your calendar.


How Does Alexa Remind You Of Appointments?

Okay, so now you have all your reminders set up on Alexa – great!!  Now, how does she remind you of them?

Well, this is how it works.

When it’s time to give you a reminder, your Alexa device will do 3 things…

  • it will make a chiming sound
  • it will light up (this is for the Alexa Dot and the Alexa Speaker)
  • it will speak to you telling you about the reminder that you set up
  • if you have the Reminder Notifications set up on your phone then you will also receive a pop up notification on your phone of that reminder
    • Here’s how you set that up…
    • Open the Alexa app on your phone
    • Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner (the 3 short horizontal lines)
    • In the dropdown box tap on “Settings”
    • Then tap on “Notifications”
    • Then tap on “Reminders” and enable the “Mobile Notifications”

To stop it you simply say “Alexa, stop.”

How To Cancel Alexa Reminders

Okay, this is so easy!  You simply say “Alexa, cancel all reminders.”  OR “Alexa, cancel the reminder to… (name your specific reminder).”

So, here is an example of how it works on my Alexa.

“Alexa, remind me to turn the oven on in 20 minutes.”

“Alexa, remind me to open the mail tomorrow at 9 am.”

So, let’s say I wanted to cancel my second reminder – I simply said…

“Alexa, cancel the reminder to open the mail.”

You could probably also say, “Alexa, cancel the reminder for 9 am tomorrow.”

And that was that!  Pretty easy, right?

Can Alexa Remind Me To Drink Water?

It seems to be quite common that older adults simply do not drink enough water.

You most likely know this feeling of thirst – or even of being parched. But as you age, that sense of thirst diminishes. So even when your body needs to be replenished with water, you might not realize it. –

So, using Alexa to remind you throughout the day to drink some water is an excellent tool, especially for older adults that may be dealing with issues of cognitive decline such as dementia.

Again, you can set up these reminders directly on your device, through the app on your phone or through your calendar.

There are a few skills that are intended to help with hydration issues but at this point in time, they don’t seem to have very high ratings so I would recommend to just stick with the reminders.

Can Alexa Remind Me To Take My Medicine?

Yes, of course – just like it can remind you to do anything you set up a reminder for.  Because you can set up multiple reminders throughout each day or multiple days, it’s a perfect tool to help you to remember to take your medication.

The drawback is that if you are away from home and away from your Alexa device, you won’t be alerted.

If you are a customer of Giant Eagle Pharmacy – you can use a new Alexa skill that will not only remind you to take your medication but also refill your prescriptions.

Amazon announced that it has partnered with Giant Eagle Pharmacy locations to provide its customers the option to create medication reminders that will prompt participants to take their medicine at a particular time of the day, or even request prescription refills. Amazon is using Omnicell medication management tools to implement the new feature. –

Again, Alexa does have multiple skills having to do with medications – you can see them here.  And you may find one of them useful for you but I do believe that for most older adults just using the reminders will be most helpful.

How Many Times Does Alexa Repeat A Reminder?

Alexa will repeat the reminder twice and as of this writing, there is no option to change that.

Will Reminders Work On Multiple Alexa Devices?

Be aware that the reminders will only work on the device you set them up on.  In other words, if you set up a reminder on your Kitchen Alexa, then you will hear that reminder only from the Kitchen Alexa.

If you wanted to set up the same reminder on another device, you would have to set up a separate reminder directly on that device or via the app on your phone.

Amazon’s Alexa Products

The line of Amazon’s Alexa and Echo products have grown through the years and there’s a very nice variety to choose from.  Below are the main products but know that there a variety of sizes and styles of each of these main ones.

The Alexa Speaker (used to known as the Tower)

The Echo Dot (a smaller version of the speaker)

Echo Show (an Alexa with a built in screen)

Echo Dot Speaker and Clock

There seem to be new Alexa devices and products enabled with Alexa coming out often and we will work hard to keep up with the products that we believe would be most useful for your senior loved ones and your family.

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