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Assistive Devices For Seniors

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It used to be that assistive devices for seniors included a handful of products like grab bars and reachers. But today, technology and innovation has expanded that list to hundreds if not thousands of tools and gadgets that can make life easier and safer for older adults (and their caregivers).

What Products Do Seniors Need?

The majority of seniors could benefit from having the following products in their home:

  • grab bars
  • senior friendly furniture
  • some type of wearable alert device

But truthfully, every senior person will have different needs and those needs may change as they grow older.

Most seniors and caregivers wait until they HAVE to purchase some type of assistive device but I strongly recommend to be proactive and start using equipment (such as the ones I list below) as soon as possible.

Products To Make Your Home Senior Friendly

Grab bars

Grab bars are usually used in bathrooms – near the shower or clamped onto the bathtub. People use them to keep their balance while they are standing or to help them get into or out of the tub/shower.

They may also install them near the toilet to help them stand or sit on the commode. An alternative is to use handicap toilet grab bars or a toilet safety rail or frame to help the senior safely sit or rise after using the commode.

Other places to consider installing them might be near the door frame by the steps leading into the house from the garage or in the laundry room.

Toilet seats for seniors

There are options of raised toilet seats, portable commodes as well as adjustable handles for toilets and more.

Behind the door shelf unit

I love the storage saving solution that this product provides. What a great way and inexpensive way to add extra shelving to any room in the house!

Non slip rugs and mats

One of the very first things an Occupational Therapist will tell you during a home safety assessment is to remove the rugs throughout the home. But, many older adults do not comply. So, the next best thing is to at least secure them so that they are non slip.

Walk in tubs

If your senior loved one enjoys baths and they are able to upgrade their traditional bathtub to a walk in tub then you’ll be pleased to know that these days there are shower / tub combos that can provide the “complete experience”.

Hand held shower heads

Hand held shower heads are just one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to enjoy your shower and stay safe all at the same time.

Senior friendly faucet handles

For many seniors like my mother who have arthritic hands, using a round knob shower faucet can be difficult. It seems like such a little thing – but being able to easily manage a faucet handle is just one very easy way to make life more comfortable.

Portable Showers

Portable showers are perfect for seniors who simply have no access to a shower in their home.

Plug in lights

These particular night lights have a dawn to dusk sensor which makes them perfect for hallways and those bathroom trips during the night. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have lots of lights throughout the home of any senior.

Battery powered lights

For those areas of the home where there isn’t a plug to power a light or night-light – these battery powered lights will do!

Anti slip flooring products

Preventing falls is a number ONE priority when working to make a home safe for an older adult. One way to do this is to install non-slip (or anti slip) products throughout the living environment (that includes inside the home and outside the home). Check out these products to see if one of them would work in your home.

Lift chairs

Lift chairs (aka Power Lift Recliners) are an amazing product for seniors who have difficulty getting up from a sitting position. I have several elderly relatives who use them and love them and honestly, I can’t imagine a better gift to give to any elderly person who needs help getting up from a chair.

Tools to help you stand up

Besides lift chairs, there are several other products that can be used for older adults who have trouble standing up from a sitting position. Lifting cushions, chair aids and sit to stand lifts are just some of the ones that we review.

Adjustable height beds

This amazing bed has a height adjustment feature which is excellent for households with seniors. The great majority (if not all) seniors get shorter in height as the cartilage between their joints tends to get worn out as time goes by. So, the height of a bed that may be comfortable at age 65 may end up being too high for that same person when they are 85.

An adjustable bed can then be made to fit the person as they need it.

Bed safety products

Although a bed may seem like a safe place for many older adults, the reality is that seniors do fall from their beds for a variety of reasons. Here are some products like bed rails, wedges, bolsters and more that may help you make your bed or your senior loved one’s bed safer.

Alexa Devices

I love Alexa devices and all the many skills that they provide for seniors. Everything from security to reminders to entertainment to communicating with friends and family and so much more. If you’re familiar with Alexa – then use it to it’s full potential to help keep your home safer.

If you aren’t familiar with Alexa – then I urge you to check them out!

Google Home Devices

Very similar to Alexa (but without as many skills) is the Google Home product. It can do a lot that Alexa does and you may find that it is a better fit for you.

Stove Alarms

There are multiple stove alarms and automatic shut off devices to help keep a fire from getting out of control. Check out the ones that we review.

Gas Range Safety Knobs

Keeping someone from accidentally turning on a gas range is necessary in homes with someone who may have dementia or Alzheimer’s. The RangeSafe Safety Knobs are a very stylish and effective knob that can do the job for you easily.

Make Driving Easier and Safer

If your senior parent(s) are still driving, you will want to ensure that they are as safe as possible. Here, we go over 5 different products that can help to make that happen.

Monitoring Devices

If it becomes necessary, you may want to begin monitoring your parents’ home either with a video monitoring system or a motion detector type of device or a simple audio device like a baby monitor. Whatever option you choose – it may be a way for you to “keep an eye or ear” on your senior loved one just in case something goes wrong.

Are There Other Assistive Devices For Seniors?

Yes, certainly. These that I mentioned here are the most common types of assistive devices that older adults have or should have in their homes to make it safer as they age in place.

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